Quite quiet (Day 254)…


First of all, thanks to everyone who commented and wrote to me with such kind messages of support, reminding me that if I have to skip a day of being green, the blogging world won’t suddenly collapse because of it.

My good friend Meghan was nice enough to listen to my delusional ranting last night, bring me some homemade lentil soup in a reused almond butter jar before her yoga class, and even write up this suggested green change for me in case my head was still on the verge of imploding (it isn’t, but I ended up making my way through half a bottle of red wine and a bag of Crunchy Cheetos after finishing her soup, then passing out in sweatpants and a flannel pajama top, which I’m pretty sure breaks a few of my rules).

Anyway, her idea was this: some dedicated quiet time. I’ll often listen to the radio while I’m getting up, getting ready and making breakfast, or blare some harder tunes when I come home from work and need to unwind. I don’t really watch TV anymore, so that makes it a bit quieter here at home, but I think it’s important to take some time out every now and then and just be still. Whether you meditate or simply sit and chill out, your mind and ear drums will thank you.

So from now on, I’m going to reserve part of the day — it might be a couple hours, it might just be five minutes — to being quiet.

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15 Responses to Quite quiet (Day 254)…

  1. Toby says:

    This is a great idea! Many people try to chill out or escape by listening to music, but this is still stimulus. Sometimes you need real silence to give your brain a rest. And it doesn’t use any energy of course…

  2. Bill says:

    How is this a “green” change. I really enjoy reading your blog everyday, but I must say that some of your changes are weak at best.

  3. Sense of Balance says:

    Steady on; you don’t have to be the Joan of Arc of Green all the time, and the odd … (I won’t call it a cheat, because it’s for a good cause) … holiday won’t hurt you. I guarantee this will make no difference to Saving the Planet: be daring, plug your fridge in, and stroll up to Scrivener Square and get a few bottles of really good bubbly. Invite your best friends and share the pleasure of having found a new house.

    You know, I really felt good when you blogged about using your blow-dryer before going to meet Jake Gyllenhaal. It showed me there was a human being there, not just a blind crusader. Taking a break now is the same sort of thing:you’re doing it for yourself, not for an abstraction. Go on – be daring!

  4. Vanessa says:

    Bill, this is considered a green change because I won’t be using as much electricity to power my stereo and/or computer speakers and/or radio. And yes, it’s true that I’m not making enormous green changes every day, but it’s pretty difficult to do 365 drastic things in a row.

  5. Melissa says:

    We should all remember, “”Spinny thoughts become a viscous cycle.”

  6. pat says:

    Lets all remember noise pollution- staying quiet respects other peoples space.
    If you would like a radio I can get you a wind up one for Xmas?

  7. Megan says:

    Great idea, we all need some silence.

    I’ve been thinking of some more ideas for you after your frustrating day last week…here’s what i came up with (and pardon me if you already did some of these, I cant keep up!)

    – water saver, I keep a pitcher on my kitchen counter that I pour all extra water into, leftover from a glass, waterbottle, etc. This ‘grey’ water is then used for watering plants (since it was just drinking water) or when I need to ‘rinse’ dishes before placing them in the dishwasher I use this water (since they’ll be washed again anyway).

    – Turning off the Bathroom Fan – a small thing, but when I am in the shower I either don’t use the fan (especially if you’re taking cold Navy showers you probably wont need it!) or as soon as I get off I turn off the Fan

    – Turning the Faucet to Cold – a smaller thing, but whenever I am done using a faucet I turn it back to ‘cold’ so that the next time someone turns it on it won’t automatically go hot, it will be cold – especially in the kitchen, usually just need cold to rinse anyway

    – Aerator – might have done this, but add an aerator to your kitchen sink – works great!

    – Recycled Packaging – are you going to be mailing anything for Christmas?? Or when you give away stuff on here? Here’s a cool stamp you can buy on Etsy to show the world you use recycled packaging!

    – Eco-Friendly Christmas Lights on Etsy

    – Christmas Cards – either do online emails/ecards OR use vintage cards that would’ve been thrown away anyway

    – Also, for Christmas you can do your shopping on Etsy and find vintage items – a great way to re-use and save the resources from making new items, and save items from going into the landfill.

  8. Kate says:

    Vanessa’s great because it’s through both the little and the big things that she shows how it can be done. She’s showing how you can do it everyday, despite all of life’s ups and downs, which is the best for influencing the majority of us because it’s realistic.

    I’ve made some relatively significant changes in my life because I’ve seen it as approachable because of reading this site, not just an over-the-top green girl who’s just my entertainment. Some of the changes she’s made I thought were completely nuts (the fridge being the big one), but now that I’ve had time to see it in action, I could actually contemplate doing it myself (if my circumstances were more like hers in the case of the fridge, I would do it too).

    If you’re super-green already, don’t be “greener-than-thou,” just try encouragement instead of saying “you’re not doing good enough.”

    Can I get an Amen? =)

  9. Laura says:

    Right on, Kate! Tell it, girl. 🙂
    Real people making changes. It gets messy and never is quite perfect and doesn’t that make it all the more interesting? 😉

  10. katecontinued says:

    Kate just said what I have been thinking:

    relatively significant changes Relativity is the key.

    I want to refer to yesterday’s post of NOT self-medicating. In our current culture this is huge. We are being bombarded with the notion that we should never feel discomfort over anything. This isn’t new, but it has grown to unprecedented proportions.

    For me, today’s green item ‘quiet’ is the biggest challenge of my life. I am far too addicted to the internet, radio streaming and satellite television. Besdies the power usage, it supports a sedentary lifestyle that keeps me from experiencing life – real life. So, I commend you.

  11. fawn pea says:

    Last week we were on vacation in Sequioa National Park, and we absolutely revelled in the stillness there. Quiet (like dark) is a rare commodity in our culture. Thanks for encouraging us to cherish it – and to make more of it.

  12. Steel says:

    I have a small quiet moment in the morning over a cup of tea. best part of the day. I usually end up being surrounded by all three cats, all hunkered down on bed having their own quiet moment. When I open my eyes, life resumes and they zoom off the bed to start scratching each other and carpets.

  13. Julie says:

    slow and steady wins the race……..you’re doing awesome Vanessa! keep it up.

  14. Beth Terry says:

    Bill, sitting still and taking some time to meditate is beyond green. In stillness, we can feel our connection to the world around us, to the universe. It’s when we are so scrambled with activity and stimuli that we forget that we are part of something bigger than ourselves and succumb to all sorts of “non-green” temptations. I applaud this move on Vanessa’s part as one of the most important changes she’s come up with yet.

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