USB for me (Day 259)…

USB stick

Going along with the computer theme of late, it recently dawned on me that I have a bazillion photos, a kazillion songs and, well, a few essential pieces of writing on my trusty (but maybe not so trusty!) little laptop — and if it crashes, I’m screwed. After hearing some horror stories about coworkers losing entires novels on their computer, DJs losing all their music and so on, I’ve decided it’s time to back my stuff up.

But using CDs to do this can be a major hassle, plus it not only requires multiple discs but the packaging that comes with them. So instead, I’m going to buy a USB memory stick (which I’ll of course e-recycle when the time comes); they’re not only more compact but faster and more durable.

Now I can relax and go back to these here emails about penis enlargement and the lottery I’ve just won.

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11 Responses to USB for me (Day 259)…

  1. blah says:

    I don’t know what I’d do without my thumb drive. I don’t know why one earth you’d really ever need to recycle it. If it ever managed to fill up, you could just get another one. They are more space saving than CD’s that’s for sure. You can get some that hold several gigs which is WAY for than enough for all the pics on your computer.

  2. designonpost says:

    Thumb drives are easy to lose or ruin with an errant brush by a magnet. We just bought a “My Book” which is a portable external hard drive. It’s 320 MB, plugs in the USB and is easy to find/grab in case of a fire or the need to make a quick evacuation. It also holds all of our photos, music and documents and has plenty of room for more.

  3. emma says:

    Ya I just got one too for my portfolio. It’s also handy for taking stuff off other peoples computers, (ie. less CDs..although I didn’t even think of it being green at first..just easier)

  4. paul says:

    i use the same thing – to bring to staples, to bring files to friends/clients and to give away my music at shows. i love em!

  5. blah says:

    You can get thumb drives that are also keychains, so you’re not as likely to lose them. I’ve also seen them with lanyards on them. I know it looks sort of stupid to have one of them around your neck, but they are awfully convenient.

  6. matt says:

    In reply to designonpost: I do believe that the flash memory used in thumb drive is not at all susceptible to magnets. That external hard drive you purchased on the other hand is very much so.

  7. Greenpa says:

    Your new MacBook almost certainly is capable of burning DVDs, as well as CDs, yes? Something often forgotten these days is that you can burn files to a DVD, and use that as backup. A very nice aspect of that is you can burn 2 copies of any backup you’re doing- very cheaply; and put one someplace else, like in a bank. That way you get protected against stuff like fires- your backups aren’t all in one place. That’s what the pros do.

    I love my thumb drive; terrifically useful when travelling; but my precious data and photos go on DVDs these days.

  8. Minh says:

    DVDs give a fair bit of memory space. For the stuff that is archivable, Definitely value for the money, less waste, less e-waste. For the stuff that is “irreplaceable”, like original writing, I have a account or something, or Flickr Pro for many photos, etc. to store my stuff there. All your DVDs and Memory sticks are not going to be of good to you if they get stolen or if you house burns down (sorry, don’t mean to instill bad thoughts). The point being storage on-line is more affordable than ever, and is destruction proof against your residence.

    If you can get away with all on-line storage, even better!

  9. Mark says:

    I had the misfortune of having my computer stolen last spring. When I went to recover my photos from the backup CDs I’d made, I discovered that my computer couldn’t read half of them. Some were stored perfectly and had no scratches, yet remain unreadable in any machine I’ve tried them in. I’m sure there are media recovery services that can pull the info off the disc, but I’ve since realized that a large capacity external hard drive is the only way to go.

    I also advise friends to buy larger than they think they’ll need. Sure you may only have about 80GB of information now, but if you don’t want to have to buy a new back-up drive in a couple of years then splurge on the 500GB model so that you don’t quickly run out of space when all the cameras on the market begin at 8 MP and the storage size of your photo collection quadruples.

  10. Shawn says:

    Check out $50 US/year for unlimited online backup. Now owned by EMC, so they’re a solid operation. Mac or PC.

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