A green wish list (Day 272)…


I’ve already pledged to make at least one component of every gift I give eco-friendly in some way, but now I’m reversing things a bit and asking that others do the same for me. This is something that I would hope my close friends and family already do — I mean, if you haven’t figured out by now that I’d rather not get a plastic tub of Vaseline or a new microwave for Christmas, you clearly don’t know anything about me, which is fine, but then why are you giving me a present? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love presents — who doesn’t? — but come on…

OK, sorry, I’m losing track of things here. The point is: If anyone asks me what I’d like for Christmas, or my birthday, or Valentine’s Day (yeah right), my response will either be, “Nothing, thanks” (again: yeah right) or “Something green, please.” That something can be a donation to a favourite charity, a solar-powered gadget, some natural cosmetics with minimal packaging, a homemade batch of cookies — anything that says, “I thought of you… and Mother Nature.”

P.S. I’ve gotta thank my new assistant Eva for this idea — she’ll be sticking around until I’ve finished this challenge, helping keep me organized so I can respond to all the emails I get and start updating the other pages on this site, as well as post my interview with the Diva Cup ladies.

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6 Responses to A green wish list (Day 272)…

  1. blah says:

    On the rare chance that you decide to give Christmas cards, why don’t you make them yourself out of seed paper? It would be both personal and good for the environment. Or, if you are still set against wrapping paper, why don’t you wrap any gifts in this material?

  2. emma says:

    I’ll start knitting you a sweater from Kitty’s fur now! You like shag right?? kidding.. I’ll find something greentastic for u xox

  3. Shawn says:

    Damnit, do you know how hard it is to return a plastic tub of vaseline without a receipt!?

  4. Deb C says:

    One of my favorite “green” gifts to give is homemade pasta noodles (not made by me) wrapped in a cool dish towel, tied with twine and wooden spoon! Everything is reusable!

  5. blah says:

    Get a mason jar and fill it will all the dry ingredients needed to make oatmeal cookies (or whatever) and then attach the cooking directions to a tag and give it as a gift. I’ve seen these sorts of things in stores all over the place. They seem really simple, and who on earth doesn’t like cookies?

  6. Heidi says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading this and hope to again soon. I have to say though I was hoping to see a few more really great ideas. I’ve tried to bathe my kids with baking soda since my little one has exema and I’m using it for her anyway. I’m also keeping a large container of water for drinking and dishes by the sink and turning off the water at the sink. this helps monitor the usage. It is really hard to not dump out gray water down the drain. after a dish has soaked or a half drunk glass of water. (plants, or garden, or pet) I got my kids these plastic bowls before I was even trying to be careful but since we have them already , each kid has thier own bowl and uses it we try to scrape or wipe the dishes right away and this helps us use less dishes/water. anyone have ideas on a greener way to buy juice I water it down some and buy in the largest glass or plastic containers I can but Im sure this sounds horrible.

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