Tape stucks (Day 276)…


This post is dedicated to my dear friend Kelly, who’s currently working across the pond in London. Things Kelly loves include Old Dutch potato chips, The Drowsy Chaperone and wearing fake glasses. Things he hates include peanuts (he’s allergic), conversations about cat pee and/or poo, and the sensation of tape on his skin.

Well, he’ll be happy to know that I’ve decided not to use any more tape, whether masking or Scotch, no matter how handy it would be in wrapping gifts this holiday season. Instead, I figure I’ll just buff up on my origami skills and try some artful folding techniques.

Granted, I’ve already pledged to not use any paper when wrapping presents unless it’s scrap from around the house, but still, I think this makes for a good Simple Saturday change.

Image courtesy of these dudes.

5 Responses to Tape stucks (Day 276)…

  1. It sounds like Furoshikiwould be perfect for you to consider. Besides, I just think it is a beautiful, sustainable option for packing a lunch or picnic too.

  2. blah says:

    Instead of using tape, try using yarn to tie up gifts. Yarn’s pretty harmless right? We used this a lot instead of that fancy shmancy ribbon. I wonder, you know those cards that are compostable and have seeds in them?…maybe they have something like that in wrapping paper.

  3. Sense of Balance says:

    Mediaeval cathedrals, including the ones with those huge towers like Burgos, were all built using a mortice-and-tenon technique helped along by setting one weight off against another – the same cantilever technique used by later architects (have a look at Clarence Square off lower Spadina, or Draper street off Front just W of Spadina). Not a hint of stickum anywhere. Even easier with paper!

  4. Barb says:

    You can always find used gift bags at second hand stores, which can be used year after year (our family keeps swapping!) Or simply sew pretty cloth bags (my mom does that), and all the better if the cloth bag is sturdy enough for the recipient to use for shopping, thus eliminating more plastic bags! Woo-hoo!

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