Happy belated Boxing Day (Day 304)…

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Remember the days when people were so intent on speeding and so desperate to evade the cops that they’d have one of those radar detecting thing-a-ma-bobs in the car, which was usually hid in some sort of nook, cranny or — my personal fave — a book with the centre cut out? (Now everyone just knows to slow down whenever a nondescript blue Ford Taurus is sitting by the side of the highway).

Well, either way, we all have boxes somewhere that contain something we don’t particularly want others to find: Cash, porn, drugs, a diary, that back-issue of O magazine that actually had some really meaningful things to say about relationships, or whatever.

Now, I don’t have that many illicit doodads that need storing, but the more boxes I have to put things in, the less clutter there is in my apartment, which I like. So when my mum gave me what I thought was a vintage collection of Shakespeare’s greatest works but was in fact a secret storage container, it was the perfect solution.

From a local company in B.C. called There Are Not Books, it’s essentially an old book that’s been recycled into an attractive hiding place. So whether it’s something like this or just a used shoe box, I’m going to try to not buy any new boxes, containers, bins or storage receptacles of any kind. Maybe I can even make one of those popsicle-stick pencil holders, too!

Image courtesy of Secret Storage Books

4 Responses to Happy belated Boxing Day (Day 304)…

  1. blah says:


    If you or anyone else would like to actually make one of these yourself, use this link. I know that many of us here are on the whole “books are sacred” bandawagon (which I agree). But if you have multiples of the same book, or read one that you thought was terrible, then I say rip into it and hide a treasure map, “the antidote”, or money in the darn thing. 🙂

  2. cynthia says:


    Isn’t THAT a waste of material that could go to a library? or a school in need in N. America or other part of the world??????


  3. Clare says:

    …I would be so devastated if I thought I had in my hands a vintage Shakespeare collection and it turned out to be a box. Seriously, I would almost certainly cry. But I’m that kind of nerd.

    On the one hand, I’m intrigued by these book boxes. On the other hand… those poor books!

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