I feel so used. But I like it! (Day 305)…

Pyrex bowls

Well, I’m back from New York, and of course it was fantastic — I walked from Chelsea to Greenwich to SoHo to the Lower East Side to NoHo to Union Square and back again; I laughed until I felt queasy at the Upright Citizens Brigade; I broke my no-corn rule and indulged in not one but four cupcakes from Magnolia and had one of the best meals of my life at Sushi Samba (where I also intercepted my friend’s attempt to order Chilean Sea Bass, thank god!); I fell in love with Brooklyn, but not so much with the Metro ride down there; I had two celebrity spottings — Kevin Spacey and Joshua Jackson — the former looking somewhat pallid, the latter looking mighty fine; and then, just before heading home, I met up with Colin Beavan, aka No Impact Man, for a late breakfast, which turned out to be only partially eco-friendly (in a flustered state, I ordered a bagel and cream cheese without first asking if the cream cheese was organic… though I felt somewhat less guilty upon noticing the sliced bananas on Colin’s oatmeal, which were obviously not so local).

It was great to meet my fellow green blogger; we chatted about everything from getting the eco blues to the lack of sustainable running shoes to how fridgeless living is remarkably easy. And weirdly, in the span of an hour, two people asked if we were brother and sister (apparently we look alike?).

But I’m getting off topic here — the change for today has nothing to do with New York, it has to do with things like Pyrex mixing bowls, tin coffee canisters and wood-handled ice cream scoopers. I got all of these recently for Christmas, from my mother and a family friend, who had them sitting around unused and thought I might want them.

I certainly did, being someone who likes to cook and loves all things retro, and it led to my new commitment: to only buy used kitchenware. Though part of me does get excited by modern inventions like the Magic Bullet (which my friend just bought), most kitchen tools and appliances have been around for ages and are just as effective.

As well, I feel like cooking with materials like glass and cast iron is much safer than using things like plastic and Teflon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some yams and pepper squash from last week’s CSA delivery that are getting mighty squishy and need to be turned into soup pronto!

Photo of pink Pyrex bowls courtesy of the Flickr user with the cutest name ever: teensy muffins

10 Responses to I feel so used. But I like it! (Day 305)…

  1. Tara says:

    I love old kitchenware. They knew how to make things better back then and it’s like the previous owner and all her knowledge is invited into your kitchen to help.

  2. blah says:

    Ohhh, I love vintage Pyrex. I’ve been admiring sets on ebay now for months. I’m thinking of buying the pink or torquoise farmers. Things just had more character than they do now. For years I stared at the orange bowl with the yellow flowers belonging to my mom. I used to think they were ugly when I was little. However, whenever I see it in her cupboards, I’m reminded of all the food I’ve helped her cook over the years.

  3. Esme says:

    Oooo, are those pyrex bowls are lovely!! My number 1 kitchen treasure is a 50’s era casserole dish with a clear lid in robin’s egg blue. Apparently hard to find nowadays. I’m glad to have inherited all my parents’ old kitchenware, Its all so well-made and I’d be paying a fortune for the same stuff nowadays. Of course, it helps that my dad was a chef. Restaurant quality stainless steel? Damn right!

  4. Rete says:

    Great bowls!! I’m keeping an eye out for something similar in the local garage sales and flea markets, but so far no luck… My great-grandmother had a truckload back in the day and they’ve all gone missing in the last 2 generations as they were replaced by tacky tupperware, etc. *sigh*

  5. kit says:

    Brooks makes an effort to green up their shoes by using less petroleum products and molding rather than cutting the soles to reduce waste. Besides, the red and black Cascadias just make me happy to look at when I’m running.

  6. Hellcat13 says:

    I love old kitchenware too — with the exception of my nana’s old shortbread cookie press. Lordy, but I nearly tore something in my wrist trying to use that sucker this year. In the spirit of your post, I promise to roll and cut out shapes with cookie cutters next year, instead of buying one of the newfangled presses 🙂

  7. Sara says:

    My mom got me a bunch of old pyrex when I moved into my apartment this fall from a garage sale and yes, I love them. Most of my kitchen stuff I shopped for in my mom’s kitchen by taking extras. Works out pretty nicely that way 🙂

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