Get a green move on (Day 324)…


Only 12 more days until I move out of my condo and into my new house! Oh crap, that’s really soon, isn’t it?

Anyway, I don’t have a lot of stuff, but there’s no way in heck I’m moving it myself, so it was time to look around for some professional movers. I’ve heard about a few green-minded companies, but a trusted source strongly recommended Your Friend With a Cube Van (that’s one of their employees, looking hysterically awkward, in the photo above).

The way I see it is, they may not have hybrid trucks or biodegradable packing peanuts, but they’re local, they’re independent, they have a cute name and they’re going to help me move everything in the greenest way possible (I’ll be explaining the rules about tape, Styrofoam, etc. in depth).

On top of this, I think I get some bonus points for moving less than a block away — my new house is literally right around the corner; four digits of my postal code are even the same. So this means I can probably walk a lot of stuff over on foot or use a little trolley (crossing Queen Street might pose a challenge, especially going over the streetcar tracks, but it’s doable).

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  1. Sense of Balance says:

    You may run into problems. A lot of moving companies’ boxes are new rather than recycled (has to do with the fact that a used box is much more likely to torque), and tape – making tape – and styrofoam are their mainstays. In particular, styrofoam keeps picture frames intact, and tape seals boxes. It’s more than likely that, when you explain in depth your rules about tape and styrofoam, they’ll explain in rather less depth the fact that they can’t insure you against breakage or other damage. They can’t protect your goods, you see.

  2. Sense of Balance says:

    Sorry, that was MASKING tape.

  3. Greenpa says:

    Around the corner!!! truck!!! yike. 🙂

    Just from the standpoint of least breakage, I’d be tempted to organize a moving party (free beer! free pizza! getcher picture on the internet!) and get about 20-30 big strong (male if possible, for your other uses…) persons to form a human chain- and HAND the stuff around the corner.

    With the newspaper photographer catching it all, of course…

    Of course, some of the bigger stuff will have to be carried- even so!

    Whatever happens- have fun. 🙂

  4. I think Greenpa has a great idea. I wonder what the cost would be to rent a dozen hand trucks, or the trolleys you Canadians would add? A whole chain of people with hand trucks posing for a youtube or your National Post? Incredible fun.

  5. blah says:

    This is going to sound incrediby stupid, and possibly dangerous, but can you use your bike to move stuff? I can just imagine a Radio Flyer being pulled by a bike with a houseplant, a cat and a muffin tin. 🙂

  6. mtb says:

    cargo bike ……………I have two, you can check them out when we do the fender thing. This way you can move your clothes and other small things before the big move day. very , very green and you will build strength. Always protect your back, warm-up first before lifting and the ride.


  7. pat farquharson says:

    unfortunately Vanessa doesnt know 20 strong men (Oh how I wish she did) and the last move was courtesy of her aged parents! This time they are on strike having decided that 3 years has caused so much body deterioration that they just couldnt carry ONE MORE THING!

  8. Greenpa says:

    Pat – but I’ll bet my Earth Day shirt if the paper printed the story, and an invitation to the moving party – 4 days ahead of time; she might get to know 40 or 50 new ones… my impression is that Toronto is not short of strong men… (nudge, nudge…)

    🙂 Vanessa- seriously, the move should be fun for you- if my suggestion is just terrifying, then don’t worry about it- of course. On the other hand- you’re pretty good at sticking your neck out for new experiences- one more shouldn’t hurt!

  9. just ducky says:

    Oh Greenpa, you rascal! I think that is a brilliant idea…what better way to meet an ecologically-minded single young man! Of course, there is the possibility that you might meet a yucko who would then know your address–but where’s your sense of adventure? Still…turned into a “work event” you might be able to get the paper to buy snacks/drinks or get places to donate if the paper mentioned their names…oh the possibilities!

  10. tinybutterfly says:

    Good luck with your move!

  11. Greenpa says:

    Just Ducky- 🙂 who, me? Sure, the yuckos are out there. We always have to keep that in mind. But hey, that could be a yucko driving the truck, too- and with no cameras watching… (ominous music fades into background…) 🙂

  12. Esme says:

    I’ve utilized the energy of 5 strong men and 5 strong women for a similar almost-vehicle-free close move, and it makes for an awesome party. DO it. That way, you save a ton of money by only needing a small moving van and a single small trip for things like the dining set and mattresses. Greenpa has a good idea, go for it!

  13. Lloyd Alter says:

    bicycle moves are all the rage! put out the word and I volunteer to join. It is also a great story. There is a link to a youtube video of one above.

  14. Linz says:

    Oooh, we’re neighbours! Your Friend with a Cube Van is an incredible company. I used them in November, and I will recommend them to EVERYONE.

    Good luck!

  15. gettinggreen says:

    Haha, this is a great idea Greenpa — and because you all seem so keen on seeing it happen, I’ll do it! I’m still gonna have the guys with the cube van on hand just in case, especially for when it comes to hauling the couch and bed, but next week in my National Post column I’ll put the word out for a moving party. And, as Mike the Bike has offered above, I’ll get a cargo bike from him (or two). And hey, blah, I will take a picture of just for you of me riding the bike with the trailer behind full of cat, plant and muffin tin!

  16. Greenpa says:

    Fantastic! I’m tickled you like it. Shall we start chanting for clear warm weather now? A blizzard would not be that much fun- though you could just add some hot coffee and hot chocolate for your hardy neighbors. 🙂

  17. Stella DeGree says:

    We’ve moved almost entirely by bus/walking/bike and got the rest of the things in my boss’s mini van. When you are young, don’t have much stuff, aren’t being evicted on the same day, and aren’t moving far, you can be creative!

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