Croak if you love alternative energy (Day 335)…


Ever since Bullfrog Power landed in Toronto, I’ve been DYING to sign up. Living in a condo with standard monthly fees and shared energy bills meant it wasn’t an option, but as soon as I signed the deal on the house, I was like a kid sitting in front of my Christmas presents, waiting for mom and dad to wake up already so I could start tearing into them. All I could think about for weeks was the day I’d finally be able to pick up the phone, call Hydro to set up my account and then log onto so they could start putting some more wind turbines to good use.

That day, my friends, was today.

What I love about Bullfrog is that it’s not just about offsetting. As they explain here, users continue to draw power from the Ontario grid, but Bullfrog then injects that same amount of energy — in the form of wind power and low-impact water power — back into the system to compensate.

All of their generation facilities have met the environmental criteria of Environment Canada’s EcoLogo certification process, and they publish their green power audit on an annual basis so you can check up on them.

From what I’ve heard, most Bullfrog users don’t end up paying more than $5 or $10 extra per month for this service — but maybe my parents could chip in here, seeing as I made them switch over months ago!

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  1. Daddypoo's says:

    You know me Vanessa – I never look at the bills. I just pay them.

    Also, the Bullfrog bill is one of these that just automatically come out of the bank account – so I’m even more in the dark.

    There marketing implied “just a few dollars more”, hopefully that’s right.

  2. Rhett says:

    I’m curious how this differs from any other REC system. In an REC system, the electricity is still being generated and put on the grid from clean producers. You just by the REC to cover the cost of fair market competition.

  3. blah says:

    All this Canuck talk is making me envious. Sadly, many places in America just haven’t stepped up to plate the way they should.

    If I were in any way smart on things like electricity, I would love to have a home that I could convert to virtually run off of itself. The idea of the hand-crank radio got me thinking that there has to be a way to put that idea on a grander scale. I just hate the idea of having to pay for utilities. When you think about it, there really should be no reason for a utility bill. Between the wind, sun, geothermal, and water, the fact that we pay for this stuff is pretty amazing.

  4. Lloyd Alter says:

    It is lovely and green and wind and water powered, but it ain’t cheap at 8.9 cents per KWhr when Toronto Hydro is 5 cents. However when you add on all of the distribution charges and debt retirement charges (paying for all the broken nukes) the difference is much less. One has to look at it as an incentive to turn out the CFLs when you leave the room. And it is the only utility I ever heard of that invites you to parties every year.

  5. We just got our FABU Bullfrog welcome kit. Drew wears one of their pins on her stroller 🙂

    We were told it would amount to about $1 more a day, but obviously they recommend that you try to offset the increase by making simple changes: like CFL bulbs!!

    When we moved into this house there wasn’t a SINGLE CFL in the whole place, so we figure that by changing our bulbs, our bill will be less than last year, even using Bullfrog.

    With your enviornmental practices, you will EASILY have a cheaper bill, even with BF, than the last owners of your home did.

    And you get cute bullfrog stickers for your windows and a jute shopping bag for your groceries!

    PS: let me know the CFL situation in your new home and I can totally hook you up. Leave your CFLs in your condo and I will outfit your new home for you.

  6. JFFournier says:

    I’ve had Bullfrog on google alert for the past year or so to see if they were all that they claimed and I have yet to hear anything negative about them besides the occasional “how do you really know where your money is going”.

    We recently moved into a new home whcih was built (by Tamarack Homes) with CFL’s throughout. We want to get a good feel for how much our bills are before taking the plunge for that extra $1 a day.

    The problem we have, and it defeats the purpose somewhat, is that while we have CFL’s in the entire house, a single switch can turn on three or four light. :-/ We try to have as few on as possible, but in some rooms, there’s little choice.

    In any event, I’ll check back in in a few weeks to see how you feel about your Bullfrog experience. Good luck!

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