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Hey, just a quick question for all my fellow bloggers out there: Are you as obsessed as I am with that stats feature that lets you check out all the things people have searched for, which in turn has led them to your site? It’s hysterical! Sometimes there’s stuff that makes sense — search terms like “Green as a Thistle”, “organic shampoo” or “indoor composting” come up frequently — but the best are the ones that are totally random, the ones where Green as a Thistle must have been the 438th hit returned.

Take yesterday for instance, when a few lost souls apparently wound up here after searching for terms “apple eat hand”, “monkey clip art”, “redonkulous” (yes!) and finally, “Degrassi”. Hahaha.

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  1. Carreen says:

    I wish I could say “monkey clip art” was me. That one’s kinda fun!

  2. gettinggreen says:

    It’s so weird, though — like, I’m pretty sure I’ve never mentioned clip-art or monkeys on this site, because I hate both monkeys and clip-art. Unless maybe there was a time I said, “I hate over-packaged, toxic cleaning products almost as much as I hate monkeys and clip-art!”, but that’s doubtful.

  3. LG Adam says:

    I am too! I check every day which I think is kinda sad so I try to avoid doing it on the weekend – it makes Monday more exciting too! Unfortunately non of ours seem as good as yours – “naked bike ride” has been the best so far.

  4. Missy says:

    On my grandma’s 80th bday I posted a pic of the two of us taken when she was in her mid 40s and I was a baby. She’s wearing a short skirt and I mention that she looks foxy in it. Now I’ve gotten a couple visits from people looking for “foxy granny” — I hope my site is all they hoped it would be! 😉

  5. Hellcat13 says:

    Missy – I don’t know whether to laugh or to shudder at the thought of what those people were REALLY searching for!!

    So, of course I had to google Monkey Clip Art (fact-checking is actually a large part of my job)…I got up to 300 of 270000 hits and couldn’t find you, so I gave up 🙂 And now I’ll stop procrastinating and get to work.

  6. instatick says:

    I’m totally obsessed with it too. In that last few months people found me by searching such things as “how to fatten a cow,” “do cows like lettuce,” “I am awesome,” “poems about being happy with popcorn,” “I’m a giant Q!,” and, lastly, “three musketeers body tattoo.” It really is absolutely fascinating what people search for.

  7. Rhett says:

    I check that from time to time. Our former project, Freetime, did a documentary on a gay rodeo, so I bet you can imagine all the interesting search terms I’ve seen on there.

  8. ashley says:


    It’s great. 🙂

  9. Oliver says:

    Oh yeah, it’s always good fun. I’m still trying to figure out how someone found my blog with “I wet myself”.

  10. Beth Terry says:

    The funniest and scariest one I’ve received was “huffing” + “paper napkins”. Is huffing paper napkins even a thing? And is it fun?

    Vanessa, you can find out what page they landed on when they put in these key words. Are you using Google Analytics? The paper napkin huffer landed on one of my plastic tally pages, where there was a plastic blister pack from a nail “buffer.” So I guess the keywords don’t have to be exact, but just close.

    By the way, not only are the keywords funny, but they can also be very, very useful. I’ve received a ton of hits from people trying to find a way to recycle their Brita filter cartridges, so a few of us are discussing a campaign to ask Clorox, the company that owns Brita, to take them back and recycle them as the Brita company does in Europe. Here’s the link to more info on that campaign:

  11. May says:

    I wish my search results were more interesting, but so far I’ve been getting the same general keywords over and over.

  12. gettinggreen says:

    Hey, Hellcat — a friend of mine actually found where I mentioned monkey clip-art! It was in this photo credit: “Photo courtesy of image monkey on Flickr (because a Google Image search for ‘cold water’ turned up a bunch of lousy clip-art and this bizarre photo)”

  13. Sam says:

    I am very obsessed with this… sometimes it is very random 😉

  14. DramaMama says:

    I’m obsessed, too and I just write mainly for family and friends! I don’t really know how to find the stats about what people search for, but I did get somebody from India. Who knows why?? Glad to hear I’m not the only one!!

  15. Melinda says:

    I admit I love perusing those, too. “Moment of Pecking” was a recent one that had me laughing. “Cast Iron Sausage” was bizarre (I’m a vegetarian and don’t have anything cast iron). Some of my favorites are “Extreme Gardening” and “Living Loving Learning.”

    I’m amazed by what people will type into Google!

  16. Chile says:

    I blogged about this very recently, or did you miss the boob post? Since then, the funniest search has been “eating wet snot is bad.”

  17. Emma says:

    it was ME OK!?!?! i search for monkey clip art every morning when i wake up and I guess the two sites got scrambled up…..sigh

  18. Sarah says:

    And I thought it was just me. Ha! I’m actually more obsessed with seeing the geographic location of all the visitors to the site than how they wound up there (altho that part is pretty good, as everyone’s illustrated). I mean.. visitors from Saudi Arabia, the UK, Christchurch, Turkey, South Africa.. how cool!

  19. Hellcat13 says:

    Wow. That’s awesome. Now I want to start a random blog just to see how people find it!

  20. Gertrude says:

    My blog title is Gertrude Granny Panties so I bet your imagination could take you just about everywhere my search engine has been 😉 My favorite so far has been “caught in your neighbor’s panties.”

    *Side note. I just love your blog and have been reading for months now. You have inspired me to make several green changes in my own life and I just wanted to say thanks. I hope your listing in my blogroll and the mentions I have given you brings more people to your blog because it is fantastic!


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