A green map quest (Day 355)…


I just discovered this wicked green map of Toronto, which not only unfolds to show you all the parks, ravines and bike paths in the city, but also lists every green-minded hotel, eco-friendly dry cleaner, vegetarian restaurant, community garden, farmer’s market and even all the different recycling organizations in town. It’s an amazing resource, perfect for anyone who wants to explore the city in as green a way as possible.

Turns out, it was created by this company called Green Map — they’ve done other great work, too, like the super-stylish Stockholm Green Map, a Beijing Green Map (perhaps with a list of not-so-smoggy areas?), and my personal favourite, a Compost Map of Manhattan.

You can even poke around and meet the mapmakers in your city, or become one yourself.

So as today’s change, I’m going to try to green my tours — of Toronto, when people visit me, but also of other cities when I visit them. Because while organized eco-tourism is all fine and dandy, sometimes it’s nice to just go off on your own, map in hand, and figure stuff out for yourself.

One Response to A green map quest (Day 355)…

  1. Emma says:

    wicked design for the green map!!

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