Lending a pushing hand (Day 357)…

a pushing hand

OK, confession time: You see that little tagline up there, underneath the Green as a Thistle banner? That bit where it says I’m gonna try to be green without being smug about it?

Well, I have to say, the past few days I’ve been sitting here listening to the sound of car tires spinning (I’m back in the city, by the way, after some technical difficulties); and while a more earnest environmentalist might hear such a noise and think, “Oh no! All that pollution going up in the air for nothing! I better run out and give that poor driver a push!” (Earnest people speak with a lot of exclamation points, by the way), I’ve been quite content to sit inside, minding my own car-free business, shaking my head back and forth and tsk tsk tsk-ing that if only people would stop driving cars, we wouldn’t have this problem.

But this isn’t right. I’ve been stuck in that situation and I know how frustrating it is — not to mention the embarrassment that’s suffered as everyone walks by on the sidewalk, staring pitifully as you attempt to gas, brake, gas, brake, gas, brake, rocking back and forth to no avail as the exhaust pipe spews toxic fumes all around. It sucks. Period.

So now, instead of judging, I’m going to put my coat on, go out there and help push these poor folks out. If it’s a Hummer, I’m not gonna lie — there may be some purposeful hestitation. But most people on my street drive Volvos and Volkswagens, so it should be just fine.

Photo pushed all the way from rachsnedic on Flickr

8 Responses to Lending a pushing hand (Day 357)…

  1. Red says:

    This is a problem I have. I grew up into car culture with my dad, and at one point in my early teens subscribed to 6 different car magazines, and fantasized about the different cars I would one day buy.

    As an adult, I find myself biking more often than not and making concerted effort to carpool otherwise. The car I will most likely buy (Honda Fit) has one of the best mileages of any car in the US. My girlfriend drives a Vespa and when that wears out we’re looking at a Smart Car. But I still look at the new car and driver and drool.

    Cool electric cars like the Tesla Roadster need to get here faster (and be more affordable).

  2. Trix says:

    It’s difficult when you live in the city and work in the suburbs to travel without a car. I’ve tried changing my commute from downtown T.O. to Mississauga by taking public transit instead of driving and it takes over 2 hours. It wouldn’t be so bad if Mississauga Transit beefed up their system a bit and made it more enticing for drivers to switch over to buses, trains, streetcars, etc.
    Next time my car is stuck (which is far too often to even keep track of), I’ll be sending you a shout out. Don’t worry, I don’t drive a Hummer.

  3. csim33 says:

    Ummm. You sure are making a lot of posts that you probably won’t have to fulfill in your last, what, nine days??? Not that I’ve made 356 green changes myself… I’m just trying to keep you honest!

  4. dinsky says:

    @csim33 – this being Ontario, and February and all, I think Vanessa’s going to see more than her fair share of stuck cars that need pushing. I was out there this morning pushing mine out of the driveway (with the bf at the wheel of course!)

    I always get a nice feeling around here when I’m somehow stuck, or in trouble on the road. There are always people around willing to help me out, even willing to go out of their way. Just last week, I lost my drivers side wiper in the middle of a snowstorm, and went looking for help at the Williamsford Pie Company (which is the only thing in Williamsford). Not only did the owner give me a wiper he had lying around, he put it on for me, cleaned the snow from around my tires, and phoned the garage down the road to let them know I might be stopping in, just in case.

    Needless to say, I bought a pie, and it was DAMN good 🙂

  5. badhuman says:

    I recently bought a bike since the weather is getting warmer here in Colorado but I feel for the people stuck in the snow. When I came out to Colorado I knew I wanted something with four wheel drive to attempt to avoid that situation and after much research found a hybrid Ford with four wheel drive. I realize as a hybrid it’s still a SUV but it gets better mileage then my old car and shows when I’m on hybrid drive. My fiance and both love to see how long we can stay in that “green” zone and its taught me a lot about driving more responsibly fuel wise. I’m not a hypermiler by any means but I do use some of their tricks.


  6. csim33 says:

    “@csim33 – this being Ontario, and February and all, I think Vanessa’s going to see more than her fair share of stuck cars that need pushing. ”

    Okay, but I want to hear about this one! 🙂 I can’t imagine someone doing this where I live… sad.

  7. kimberly says:

    good for you! i ignore/laugh at drivers in peril. i’m not a total bitch, hear me out. i’m a driver too… but everytime i have a bad experience while driving, i end up taking transit more because of the memories i have of all of the inconveniences associated with driving. so, by ignoring people who are stuck, i feel i’m doing them and the environment a favour, lol. but actually it will probably just result in more road rage, so what do i know…

  8. Hellcat13 says:

    Hey csim33, where do you live? You need to find friendly neighbours, I think! I actually pulled over on my street the other day to try and help out a neighbour who was stuck in their driveway, so I know from experience this one will probably happen. Just make sure you’re wearing boots, Vanessa, and not shorts like the dude in the photo.

    Some of our city streets are so narrow right now, what with monstrous snowbanks and little snow removal, you almost get wedged in just driving down them, let alone getting stuck on ice!

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