Should Gmail be hailed, or does it fail? (Day 363)…

I love Google, I really do. Along with Wikipedia, CuteOverload, Go Fug Yourself and The Website That Shall Not Be Named, I probably type its URL into my browser at least 50 times a day (bear in mind I’m also journalist, so it’s usually either a vanity Google or for research… and yes, sadly, journalistic research these days often consists of nothing more than a two-second online search). I also love Google Earth and Google Maps.

But I don’t get Gmail. Everyone loooooves Gmail and I truly can’t figure out why. I have three email accounts — one is my work mail, which is Outlook-based, another is my personal email with Yahoo!, and then there’s my blog email, which is at a Gmail address — and while I do like me a little G-chat every now and then, I don’t find the whole thing very user-friendly. The “compose” button is in a weird place, the options are difficult to find and organize, and a crapload of Spam always gets through.

Although I keep my other two accounts nice and organized, deleting things regularly, I’ve let my Gmail account go out of frustration and lack of patience. However, when my lovely assistant Eva pointed me in the direction of this Treehugger story on the energy that’s apparently required to save all these useless emails, I started to feel guilty.

The evidence for exactly how much energy is still a bit soft, but I figure it’s always greener to be minimalistic, so I’m going to spend part of today clearing out my Gmail inbox. So nobody email me in the next two hours!

17 Responses to Should Gmail be hailed, or does it fail? (Day 363)…

  1. Beth says:

    I have two Outlook accounts and prefer the Gmail for reliability. I had massive problems with spam, disappearing emails and such till I switched to Gmail. Yes, it isn’t always user-friendly, but I like it because I know I’m actually getting my messages…and hardly any spam.

  2. arduous says:

    I love gmail because it lumps conversations together. But I hate that if I want to delete one email from a conversation, I can’t seem to do that. It’s very annoying.

  3. anna banana says:

    i like that i can just hit “archive” and it goes out of my inbox without me actually losing the email. i don’t like putting things in individual folders like i have to do with the antiquated lotusnotes i use at work. i also like that you can reply quickly at the bottom of the chain of emails. AND i like that with the yahoo groups i subscribe to, the whole conversation on one topic is contained in one cascade of emails rather than in individual separate emails.

    and i do love me some gchat.

  4. Randy says:

    Compose button?? Use the “C” button on your keyboard. “J” and “K” are next and previous, respectively.

    Better yet, have a look at the keyboard shortcuts in the Help

    Believe me, once you’ve gotten used to using them, gmail becomes a breeze.

    Also, for guilt purposes, delete don’t archive your gmail that you truly no longer want.

  5. ashley says:

    For the reasons above, I also LOVE gmail.

    I find it very user friendly. And gchat is fun. Plus I can blog, access my blog list, and check my email all from the same login. Sweet.

    Arduous – to delete one email from a chain of messages – click on the email you want to delete, then click on the arrow pointing down (in the upper right corner). It’ll give you a list of options, including “delete this message.”

  6. arduous says:

    Thanks Ashley!!

  7. kimberly says:

    what is this gchat everyone’s talking about?? i’m kind of torn with gmail. i like that you can see all the e-mails in a convo, but i can NEVER find the compose button. i always look for it and then give up and just do “reply” and then change the e-mail addy in the send field. i don’t like yahoo, ’cause things keep ending up in my bulk folder for no reason. what’s bulk? and i never use my u of t e-mail. i don’t think i’ve ever signed onto it. i’m a traditional gal. still using my old hotmail account i got when i was like 14, with a reference to a rhcp lyric…

  8. May says:

    Weird. I’ve found Gmail to be the most user-friendly and lest-spammy of all freemails I’ve tried (a short list including Yahoo and Hotmail). I don’t understand why everyone deosnt’ love Gmail, but now I guess it’s just one of those “different strokes” kind of things…

  9. Julie says:

    I haven’t gotten the kick of gmail yet either Vanessa. Like you I have several other email accounts and don’t find it easy. I guess I just haven’t taken the time to get to know the big “g”. From the sounds of all the praise I guess I should though.

  10. limesarah says:

    I can’t stand GMail either, though I keep my account for giving an email to people I think will spam me. The message threading feature drives me up the wall! I usually just go in through Portal and used text-based everything. No popups, no buttons, no mess. But on the other hand, if you do like Gmail, Google is in general a very environmentally-responsible company. Just don’t obsessively archive everything!

  11. Gmail is great.
    The service is feature-rich and has a clean look.
    Most of the spam gets eaten by the filter and the search function is just wonderful.

  12. Allie says:

    I’m not a fan either. I use it for my blog e-mail and it drives me nuts!

  13. FlatGreg says:

    I think gmail has a bit of a learning curve, but those that take the time to learn the basics love it. Labels are just like folders, except that you can apply more than one label to the same email. This in itself is a glorious thing. I have a label for friends, one for finances, and what if I receive a message dealing with both? it gets both labels! plus you don’t have to label something and just archive it away.

    the keyboard shortcuts are a huge time saver too. I don’t have much of a spam problem at all, yahoo mail is far worse for me spam-wise.

  14. Seo says:

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  15. SriMathe says:

    Keep working ,great job!

  16. Gmail is great.
    The service is feature-rich and has a clean look.
    Most of the spam gets eaten by the filter and the search function is just wonderful.

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