A Snappy Title, And The Dedication is Yours!

July 17, 2008
Me, with politically charged thistles.

Me, with politically charged thistles.

All right, I’m getting desperate.

As I mentioned in a little footnote to the last post, there’s been a bit of backtracking on the title of my upcoming book (which you will all purchase, devour, love and rave about, right?). The original title was My Green Year, then it became Single Green Female, but now my American publishers aren’t so sure about that. They prefer Sleeping Naked is Green, but the Canadians think that sounds like it came directly from the marketing department (and I can’t help but agree).

The subtitle will be a fun, longwinded sentence about how an eco-cynic unplugged her fridge, sold her car and found love in 366 days — or something equally ridic — so we really just need a title that’s succinct and catchy. If it has the word green in it, even better, because then when people search for “green” on Amazon, it’ll come up (this is what my publishing friends tell me, at least).

Some other titles that have been suggested include:

Showering in The Dark
Beyond Green
The Greening of Life
Green Like Me
Green Me Up
Running on Hemp Tea (Get it? Like running on empty! I came up with this and think it’s hysterical. Unfortunately, no one else does)
Battlefield Earth (Could run into copyright issues here, though)

And then there’s Gaia Loves Me, my bf’s ironic (at least I hope) suggestion, which he has now made twice.

I think it’s important to have something that conveys the extremes I went to while doing this challenge while also hinting at the fact that this will be a smart and funny read, not a preachy, schmaltzy one.

So, here’s where you come in, my beautiful, brazilliant readers. Come up with a title that pleases both my American and Canadian publishers — and me, of course — and I will dedicate the entire book to you. No joke! For serious. It’s yours. Swearsies. Leave any ideas in the comments section below, and feel free to brainstorm without censorship.


Oh, P.S. The photo above is of yours truly, Ms. Thistle, WITH THISTLES! My boy snapped it while we were gallavanting around the Golan Heights the other week. You know how it goes.