Brad Pitt’s biodegradable body wash, WWF’s scare tactics and the truth about organic food prices

September 22, 2008

Whew! Sorry for the longwinded headline there, folks, but I wanted to point everyone in the direction of a few stories I wrote recently for the National Post‘s Footprint blog and my Sense & Sustainability column.

One is about the dilemma most greenies face over and over again: whether or not to applaud companies who try to sell environmentally friendly products, even if said products are inherently pretty un-green to begin with (and yes, this is where my 30-second interview with Mr. Pitt comes in… he helped develop a “biodegradable” body wash with Kiehl’s).

Another is about the recent wave of scary global warming ad campaigns. There’s the creepy Unscrew America illustrations with emaciated falcon people, Greenpeace posters (which admittedly are always pretty disturing) featuring melted snowmen with the tagline “Winter: You’ll miss it when it’s gone,” and World Wildlife Fund ads depicting people with fish heads, rivers emerging from dirty buckets and so on (below). Is this really the most effective tack to take?

And finally, I tried to figure out whether eating a sustainable diet was more expensive than buying conventional groceries. There were a few too many uncontrollable variables, however the fact remains that local fruit and vegetables are always cheaper than meat. Am I right?

Feel free to weigh in on any of these topics…

In the mean time, despite everyone’s efforts to come up with a book title for me, it looks fairly certain that Sleeping Naked is Green is what the publishers (at least the American ones) choose. So if you’re not too embarrassed to be seen reading it on the subway each morning, let me know, and I’ll make sure you get a copy! I promise it’s not flighty or boring or too self-indulgent; plus, Crunchy Chicken, Treehugger and even a few of my dedicated readers make a cameo in it, which means it has to be worth a quick skim at the very least…