Is it getting Hot, Flat, and Crowded in here?

As some of you environmentally minded bookworms may have noticed, there’s now a little addition to my sidebar — a button welcoming all those who found Green as a Thistle by reading Thomas Friedman‘s latest bestseller, Hot, Flat, and Crowded. I have no idea how this brilliant author stumbled upon my ridiculous blog in which I mostly just complain about taking Navy showers in the dark before droning on for infinite paragraphs about my undying love for menstrual cups. Nonetheless, he did, and proceeded to write about my site twice — TWICE! — in his book.

In the first mention, on pg. 206, he says he “takes succor” from all the young people in the world trying to do something to better the environment regardless of all the doom-and-gloom talk. And in the second mention, on pg. 216, he talks about how I “wryly observed” the fact that in order to move forward in helping the planet, we have to learn to live with our vices and hypocrisy (such as driving to the farmers’ market or riding your bike to the nearest steak restaurant).

Anyway, it was pretty exciting. So for all those intellectuals who are reading this, welcome! I may not use many poly-syllabic words, but I am fond of semi-colons; see, I just used one.

Poke around and send me an email or comment.

8 Responses to Is it getting Hot, Flat, and Crowded in here?

  1. Meghan says:

    Greetings from Lake Misquabi. Were you wondering where I went? I have been hiding up at the cabin for three days and counting. So very quiet. So very much snow. So very over the outhouse in the Winter. You will be happy to know that I have managed three days with one pot and one bowl. Have not gone through even one big blue jug of water, not even half and have made no garbage (because I cooked everything at home and packaged it up into tidy little single servings, in mason jars of course). I am also on page 96 of my book editing, and Mr. Friedman is not the only one to drop your name in their book- though mine may be self-published and bound spiral ring style… it is still a book and you are still in it.

    I will likely be back tomorrow- the outhouse is fun and novel in the summer. Not so much when it is -25 and shadows abound late at night.

  2. gettinggreen says:

    Hooray for enviro-cottaging! (I will congratulate you on your resourcefulness and whole-foods cooking and restrain from mentioning the 3.5-hour drive it took to get you there)… haha. And yes, when you get your book out, we can talk about cross-promotion. Call me when you’re back and wonderfully rested…

  3. Jeanne M Blue says:

    I DID find you via Hot, Flat and Crowded. I am currently just “poking around” your site, but already I love the Brita filter conversation. I have always thought that bottled water was a gimmick, and that our tapwater was ‘good enough’. Of course, I grew up with well water, and now I live in the Washington, DC water territory with documented pharmaceuticals in the water. I think I’ll get myself a Brita for the holidays!

    Keep up the good work.
    Arlington, VA

  4. erikka says:

    Just started reading this so I have not reached your shout outs yet. this book is an AMAZINGLY positive and inspirational read so far.

  5. You have your menstration, I have my colon. We all have our issues. I have my blog, and I’m also out there on the forefront now, working as a publicly elected official in Jersey. Congrats on getting discovered.

    Dave Dubin
    North Jersey

  6. Jennifer says:

    I found your site in the book, Blogging for Dummies. Your blog is a great resource and I will be checking back reguarly. Happy Green Blogging!

  7. slb725writer says:

    I have given you an award. Come see me and find out more about it.


  8. Lacy Isla says:

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