Cow burps and Kevin Kostner

So first off, I’m totally intrigued by this story in The Guardian about how Cadbury is working with their dairy farmers on a way to reduce the number of times their cows burp each day. Contrary to popular belief, the methane that cows emit — which wreaks havoc on the air and environment — comes more from the animals’ burps than farts (cue “The More You Know” shooting star motif).

Two things I am wondering: 1) Is Cadbury one of the better chocolate companies out there, or are they evil? I don’t think they use any fair-trade cocoa or anything, but I also don’t think they’re as bad as Nestle, and they have great factory tours during Doors Open in Toronto. So yeah, someone care to refresh my memory? And also 2) Does anyone know if such a carefully crafted, anti-flatogenic diet could be applied to humans? Because sometimes it’s good to avoid farting, and surely there must be greater advice out there than “Don’t eat beans.”


Now, for a total non sequitur: Slate has this intriguing/disturbing story on how Kevin Costner’s legendary blockbuster bomb Waterworld might have been ahead of its time. Although it was utterly panned when it came out in 1995, there was a lot of global warming foreshadowing there, so perhaps it’s worth renting now and viewing under a different light. Then again, it could still suck. A lot. But what do you think? Should I take the plunge and rent it tonight? Or is there another enviro-film that deserves more attention? What’s the next Inconvenient Truth?

(Watch the original Waterworld trailer here)


18 Responses to Cow burps and Kevin Kostner

  1. Joshua says:

    Cadbury makes rabbits lay eggs. That is inhumane.

    As for the movie, A friend of mine and I watched the movie like 20 times back when it came out on VHS. Why so many times, it has an awesome catamaran in it. He was a major boat freak, and I was drunk. I have watched it once since then. It is bad, the way that smallpox is bad. It is less about the devastation, and more about some guys that somehow still have petrol and their hatred and abuse of those that do not.

  2. Lauren says:

    As for the second point about diet, I have been helped greatly by eating much less dairy.

  3. Meghan says:

    You make me giggle.

    Tips to avoid the farts… cook beans with kombu in the water, chew food well, do not eat starchy foods with meat protein (meat protein needs more time in the belly than starchy carbs- strachy carbs will ferment and cause gaseousness), eat fruit 1/2 before meal or two hours after (aka- alone), don’t drink too much while eating, and eat slowly.

    A little more info than anyone ever wanted to know about farts- if your farts are loud but not very odorous, it is a product of poor carb digestion. If they clear the room you are not properly breaking down protein and so those amino acid chains are putrefying in the colon. Lovely I know.

  4. Cadbury owns Green & Blacks who sell Fairtrade/organic chocolate, so perhaps they do care. Or perhaps it is a marketing ploy…

  5. Andreea says:

    Do NOT watch Waterworld. No amount of perspective will make that piece of garbage any better. I’d rather watch paint dry.

  6. agreenfire says:

    I liked Waterworld. I also liked the Postman, although I thought it ran a little long. Perhaps I just have a lot of patience. Anyway, I think you should watch Waterworld and then tell us what you think about it now, adding in an environmental perspective.

  7. kirk says:

    Waterworld is merely an aquatic retread of “Mad Max: The Road Warrior.” See that post-apocalyptic post-peak-oil original instead. Then Diva (also 1981). Then Blade Runner (1982).

  8. Rebekka says:

    Evil. They use slave-produced cocoa.

  9. Emma says:

    I have never seen a cow burp in all my life. I think Cadbury is making stuff up. After all, they have yet to fill us in on the Caramilk secret…

    anyways how can slaves produce cocoa? I thought it came from cocoa beans? I want a slave…

  10. Emma says:


  11. Andrew Portela says:

    nothing could make that movie good

  12. I am never going to watch that movie because I hear its utter crap and I don’t want to waste hours of my life watching a crap movie.

    And I think the bunnies are secretly hatching chocolate eggs and making cocoa in lieu of any cows or slaves.

    I am already a lover of this blog! I’m Canadian as well, and it’s nice to find an eco-friendly one (although with your birth control post, now I’m getting sad that I use Yasmin and love it, but am probably spawning some hermaphrodite frogs right now 😦 )

    Fabulously Broke in the City
    Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver.

  13. Mariano says:

    I guees, The Eleventh Hour (from Leo DiCaprio) will be a good rent, also Six Degrees (from NatGeo) is good =P

  14. Emma says:

    I think “Udder” crap would be more appropriate.

  15. Kristijoy says:

    I love Waterworld in all it’s campy glory. I recently rented it, not having watched it in years and was astounded about relevant some of the subject matter was to today. Go juice! Clothing made out of weird plastic bits! Composting dead people! ultimate reuse/upcycling movie props. Unlikely devolution. Good move? No, but that’s part of the fun for me. I love post apocalyptic movies, pirate movies and camp and it’s kind of all three. Understand I also enjoy Cutthroat Island.

  16. Martin says:

    It’s not a non sequitur , I recently saw a suggestion that chocolate is going to become drastically rare and expensive in the not too distant future. That would make for an interesting movie premise (it was a minor aspect of ‘1984’)

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