Josh still wants to marry Laurie David

My friend Josh, a fellow Toronto environmentalist, reached a commendable level of Internet fame a while back when he made a short video of himself proposing to Laurie David, the now ex-wife of Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Larry David and producer of An Inconvenient Truth. Apparently, she didn’t respond, but now Josh has upped the production values and given it another shot. Watch the video here:

Personally, I love the backdrops of Union Station, the awkward pauses to clarify the specifics of what he means when he says “greenhouse”, and the magic transformation of smokestack into wind turbine. And of course, there’s nothing sexier than rapping in the Allan Gardens conservatory.

Meanwhile, you can see more of Josh’s stuff around the YouTube parts. Being a proud Canuck, he’s made a series of films featuring a beaver, but one of the funniest is probably the story of Terry Cloth, a lovesick towel with a green heart (well, a fabric heart, at least) and a penchant for biodegradable laundry detergent.

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