From the Pantry to the Bathroom: Toner Edition


I haven’t posted an installment in From the Pantry to the Bathroom lately, partly because I haven’t stumbled upon another recipe or ingredient as miraculous as coconut oil, which I realized works as both a moisturizer, a hair-softener and a deodorant. So this time, I’m going to write about something I have mixed feelings about, and maybe you readers can offer your opinion, too, and help make the final call.

A while ago, my friend Meghan mentioned that she was using apple cider vinegar on her face as a toner after washing. When my attempt at no ‘poo eventually failed, I had some ACV leftover with a bit of cinnamon and vanilla extract in it, and decided to try it out. I don’t normally use toner because, frankly, I don’t get why we need yet another ablution in between washing, drying and moisturizing, but I gave it a shot.

Well, it left my face smelling pretty yummy, but that’s about it. I wasn’t getting more/less pimples; it wasn’t getting more/less dry or oily; it was just staying the same. Then, a couple weeks ago, I noticed I was getting weird rashes under the outside corners of my eyes, so I decided to stop using it. (Unfortunately, the rashiness is lingering, but I’m throwing buckets of essential oils and Vitamin E on it).

This isn’t to say that I’ve fallen out of love with ACV — this acidic companion is great to have on hand for everything from salad dressings to natural remedies — but as a toner? Meh. What do you think?

15 Responses to From the Pantry to the Bathroom: Toner Edition

  1. Julia says:

    i have never heard of toner for the skin before? what is it supposed to do for you?

  2. Meghan says:

    I seriously hope you were following the 10:1 dilution. And also- toner should never go so close to the eyes. I am sticking by it. Any chance the dry eyes has anything to do with the ridiculous amount of time you have spent in airplanes and desserts in the last month? Just a thought.

  3. gettinggreen says:

    Haha, yes, I was definitely diluting it… don’t know about 10:1, but it was close enough. I actually had the eye rashes before Tunisia, so I don’t know where they came from… it probably wasn’t the ACV, really. I think my skin just doesn’t really need it.

    Julia, here’s the Wiki entry on what toner is:

  4. Dahlia says:

    i don’t use toners. i can’t be bothered. your rash might have been caused by the extracts: they’re usually made with alcohol, which could have irritated your skin. also cinnamon tends to be an irritant… i accidentaly found out when i used used herbal tea bags as eye compresses, and the cinnamon extract turned my eyes bright red.
    i think leaving your skin alone would be best, if you’re itchy or flaking, put aloe gel on it.

  5. Daryl says:

    I’ve used ACV on my skin for years. I love it. I would call it more of an exfoliant, I guess. It really helps when my skin is itchy from being too dry. My wife uses it and her skin seems to get softer when she does a treatment. There are books with tons of uses for ACV. Of course, you need organic ACV with “the mother.” I think the one in your picture is fine.

  6. Dahlia says:

    Just started a blog you might find interesting:
    i’ll be exploring seasonally available local foods.

  7. Leia says:

    Why didn’t you say that your stopped no ‘pooing?
    What are you using now?

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  9. pat says:

    Why did you say alkaline? Vinegar is acetic acid. It is not very good as an exfoliant; the fruit acids are better. Itchy, scaly, pink skin suggests eczema which is probably from too much drying and irritant effect.Cortate cream from the drugstore will fix it!

  10. gettinggreen says:

    Oops, thanks mom! Changed it to acidic (I’ve always sucked at chemistry). I think I was thinking of baking soda when I wrote that…

  11. eaevansmd says:

    For toner/cleanser, I use witch hazel. I have combination skin, and it’s helped the acne a lot, in addition to a witch hazel/aspirin mask once or twice a week. I don’t rinse the witch hazel off. I haven’t tried vinegar, but the witch hazel might go better for you.

  12. Elise says:

    Try diluting it in some aloe juice, maybe with a tiny bit of honey. Or with some green tea.

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