Got a green blog? Want a free copy of SNiG? Done!


For all those green bloggers out there (or even health bloggers, mommy bloggers, Toronto bloggers, etc.), I’ve got some excellent news: You can now get a FREE copy of Sleeping Naked is Green. All I ask is that you write to me at and let me know what your blog is all about and how many visitors you tend to get; then, all my publishers ask is that you write up a review on your site when you’ve finished. It doesn’t have to be long and smart-sounding — heck, it doesn’t even have to be positive — it just needs to tell everyone that you’ve read my book and, subsequently, that you have an opinion on it.

Not sure you have time to read?
It’s summer! Of course you do! Besides, my book is short and quick and funny; you’ll be done in no time.

Think it’s just going to be a rehashing of my blog?
Wrong again! It’s 100% original content, with everything from an apartment nearly burning down to worms crawling all over my living room; there’s even a love story that would make Jane Austen weep!

Want more proof?
Read some of the candid reviews on — except for one dude, who doesn’t seem to approve of books in general, and some other girl who thought I was “trying too hard” (note to self: try less in future) — they all reinforce the fact that this isn’t another “How to be green” tome with boring tips; it’s an account of all the mental, emotional and spiritual ups and downs I went through in trying to lighten my footprint in 366 ways; how this affected my work, my relationships, and even my cat; and what I ultimately learned about the importance of hypocrisy and blurry lines in today’s environmental movement. And did I mention it’s funny?

So write to me today!

Aaaaand, even if you don’t have your own blog, fret not — I’ll be holding contests all summer to give away signed copies of Sleeping Naked (because you know my signature is worth at least $10,000).

Stay tuned!

7 Responses to Got a green blog? Want a free copy of SNiG? Done!

  1. Kim aka 'that librarian" says:

    Just finished your book, which I (very green-ly) requested that my public library purchase for me to borrow.

    You had me laughing out loud – I could totally relate to your handkerchief issues! You inspired me to go further with my own green steps – in fact I just finished cutting fabric into reusable bags for loose produce – fabric that used to be the bottom of unbleached cotton curtains that were too long for my daughter’s bedroom window.


  2. bitt says:

    i just finished your book and i love it! my blog is about raw food and health but many people are interested in green living (i mean, everyone SHOULD be). i was planning on posting a review anyhow because i LOVE your book! just finished it last night.

  3. Kim "the other librarian" says:

    Great book. I read the review in Publisher’s Weekly, then immediately searched the library catalog for your book. Found it on cataloging cart and put a RUSH note on it. Loved it. Like your experience with No Impact Man and the bowl of water. I always what the gory details of “how do you do that?” Thanks for an inspiring list to help me increase my own foray into “greenness”!

  4. Davian says:

    I am halfway through your book. My boyfriend is going to kill me when I break it to him that I am unplugging the fridge (as soon as this garbage strike is over). I am yoga teacher and pretty ‘green’ (well, at least I think so) but I think everyone can relate to the feelings that everything you buy, eat, look at might in some way kill you or the planet. Its funny and inspiring. Nicely done.

  5. Ruth says:

    Dear Ms. Vanessa,

    I just finished your book. I could not put it down. You became my “friend” with your excellent and intelligent writing, and your most engaging personality and willingness to be open.

    I came of age in the late 60’s. Your book was a wonderful reminder that things HAVE changed in 40 years of all of our grassroots work. In those days we never even dreamed that Curbside Recycle could happen. In Seattle it is completely expected that we will use it and the system is fully in place to do it. This is just one example

    However, what continues to puzzle me is since, the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factor everyone can do and has almost complete control over – is to birth no more than TWO children. I can wipe my Ass with my hand the rest of my life, follow all 365 of your challenges diligently and NONE of this will make anywhere near the difference to the planet over the fact that my husband and I havd no more than TWO children.

    Decreasing population on the planet has NEVER been a popular topic- to put it mildly – but in the 70s we at least DID talk about it. Can you figure out why we environmentalists have gotten SO CHICKEN about the main issue that could save us??

    Thank you for what you are doing. The world is indeed a better place bc of you!!! Ruthie

    PS Sleeping Naked means you must own more blankets and use more energy to heat the house or hot coffee and warmer showers as your body must preserve heat somehow. Actually good warm jammies help you hold in that body heat and they look so nice WHEN YOU DO TAKE THEM off for someone very wonderful.

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