Maybe it’s not Maybelline


A lot of the girls I know always say they don’t wear much makeup other than lipgloss and mascara, or concealer and mascara, or a tiny bit of blush and mascara — but for whatever reason, the mascara is a must. I’m not sure if this is a North American thing, or if the need for dark, long and voluminous lashes has been ingrained in my generation, but this product has definitely become a staple of the average woman’s makeup kit. Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan; coating these teensie, fragile hairs that are supposed to protect my ability to see with dark guck that will probably smudge or work its way into my eyes somehow just doesn’t seem right. If it’s a special occasion, sure, I’ll use it, but I tend to rely on the classic pink and green tube of Maybelline Great Lash mascara that I’ve had since high school, which has pretty much dried up completely. This does the trick, but it gets a mediocre score of 5 on EWG’s Cosmetics Database, which makes my nose crinkle a bit.

However, the fine folks at one of my new favourite online green stores, Green Cricket, just sent me a few beauty products to try out, and while I normally don’t like to write posts that sound like advertorials, I just need to say that I am fully sold on this sugar-based Suncoat Natural mascara. It gets a much more respectable score of 2 from EWG and there’s a lot of suction power when you pull the brush out, which means less of the stuff gets used each time, and if any of it does end up in my eyes, it’s not really toxic enough to do any harm.

It’s still not something I’d use every day, but it makes me happy that I can finally say: My makeup kit is 100% complete with as-natural-as-it-gets cosmetics. If you want to get this stuff, you can find it online here or most likely at your nearest health food store.

In the mean time, speaking of avoiding toxins in our everyday products, check in at Green as a Thistle soon for my interview with Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie of Environmental Defence — they just released a fantastic book called Slow Death By Rubber Duck and I asked them all about the evils of non-stick frying pans, flame-retardant pyjamas and estrogen-mimicking hormones in our baby bottles. Stay tuned!

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16 Responses to Maybe it’s not Maybelline

  1. Sugar based? Can you put it on ice cream?

    You really need to get rid of that old mascara, if you haven’t already – it’s probably harboring who knows what in terms of bacteria.

    Anyway, does it stay on or get all smudgy as the day wears on?

  2. crstn85 says:

    I don’t actually wear mascara, I think someone put it on me for prom many years ago and that was about it. But, I did want to leave a comment to say that I just finished your book, and loved it! I was hesitant to buy it since I’d read all of your blog posts, but it wasn’t a boring rehash of things I already knew. In fact, it was funny and served as a good reminder of all the things I could be doing, plus all the things I do without even thinking. Since I also enjoy highlighting, I copied your list into a word document and highlighted all the things I do (in multiple colors, because I’m just that much of a dork). And, I got to highlight the one that says “No more highlighters” since I was electronically highlighting only. Thanks for all the inspiration and keep posting, I like seeing your blog pop up in my reader.

  3. Amy says:

    I’m increasingly interested in how environmentally friendly my makeup is, though it’s hard to find products that are green both in formula and packaging (MAC recycles their packaging and I love their colors, but their formula isn’t green, etc.).

  4. Mrs. Money says:

    I have used Larenim and it works well. I got it at our health food store. I don’t wear makeup at all anymore, and my source of inspiration was none other than Meghan. 🙂 I feel more ‘me’ now that I don’t wear makeup!

  5. Laura says:

    It is scary when you look at the labels on cosmetics in the stores and see what chemicals are lurking inside of them! I recently began using Physicians Formula. They have an organic line for cover up and stuff like that. I haven’t seen mascara, but perhaps there is an organic one, not really sure as I don’t really use it. Also Origins has a recycling program, they will recycle tubes, jars and bottles, no matter what brand.

  6. Shana says:

    Maybelline tests on animals. I’m surprised that you were using it.

  7. […] mascara and a list of safer brands. I will be trying some of those in the future. (Update: Here is a post by Green as a Thistle on non-toxic […]

  8. PeyPey says:

    I absolutely LOVE your blog, Vanessa! Thanks for all the helpful hints and prompt replies! I think it’s so cool that you took the time to reply to my question about the coconut flour. Much appreciated! And I don’t mind the advertisment blogs! They turn your readers on to products we might not have known about before! And for a gal who is just now jumping, somewhat blindly, onto the green bandwagon, it’s very helpful! Many thanks!

  9. Sounds great! I have been using natural mascara for a couple years now and recently- just before our trip over to the UK I ran out and in a pinch I stopped by the drug store and bought a tube of maybeline- the same one I used to use. And wouldn’t you know it- I woke up the nest morning (having washed it off before I went to sleep) and my eyelids were completely swollen and red and itchy. The tissue of our eyelids is some of the most thin and delicate on our whole body- only the best for me from now on.

  10. Emma says:

    Worth the $30…changed my life completely.

    But ya, they could use a natural mascara too… Especially one that tastes like sugar.

  11. Disclaimer: The following is completely unrelated to this post; but certainly NOT unrelated to your blog/book/etc. Thank you.

    As someone who tries to be “green” sort-of by default/necessity and tends to eschew the hippy/radical aspect of “eco”living… I seem to have stumbled upon your book most by accident, but in the less than 36 hours that it has been in my posession I have devoured a good 100+ pages.

    (a digression) While I understand that this might not be a huge undertaking to some, I am a part (though a slightly older part) of the internet generation; so 100 pages in roughly 28 waking hours while there is work, eating, and internetting to be done is a bit of an achievement! Let’s just say that the biblical amount of rain and all the time I have on public transport is to thank for it.

    THAT being said… I find that I empathize with many of your plights, and dammit! most people DO think you are wierd if you read the ingredients of a product at the supermarket before you buy it. So what? I’m going to do it anyway.

    oh damn… now I’m rambling. There’s a lesson people; always have an out-line.

    Love the book so-far. And I think I “get it” … I HOPE I do, at least.

    and if I may indulge in a small eco-brag: I furnished my house with mostly yard sale, free-store, and craigslist items. Though I do thank goodness that there is a large population of “older” people around who no-longer need/want/etc. their lovely hard-wood dressers or mahogany and oak Lane tables that only need a sanding! Some of these pieces, though imperfect, will easily outlast a desk made from MDF and veneer bought from your local box store.

  12. pat says:

    Dont you just love those fake fur ones? Anyways, how do you know it isnt toxic? What does that word mean? I am sure it probably has preservatives. Like the Romans,I prefer eyeliner to get that maximum definition and make the eyes pop. Not animal tested but otherwise anything that doesnt cause a dermatitis is fine!

  13. Tanya Morken says:

    My buyers went through debt consolidation. Now they have only one bill they won’t pay.

  14. […] mascara and a list of safer brands. I will be trying some of those in the future. (Update: Here is a post by Green as a Thistle on non-toxic […]

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