Sleeping Naked in Portuguese

Green as a Thistle reader Gustavo has just written to let me know that Sleeping Naked is Green has hit the shelves in Portugal! They’ve done a hilarious marketing campaign for it, which you can see here, and apparently the cover art looks quite different. Take a look:


How do you say risqué in Portuguese?

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  1. Andrea says:

    Gee Vanessa.. nice bum!!! Congrats on getting the book in Portugal 😉

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for the book and what you are doing. You’ve given me the idea of doing a challenge/day for a year. It could potentially be really hard because we were already pretty far down the spectrum. I hope I don’t run out of things to do.

    Here’s a link to my daily challenge blog, if you’re interested:

    I’m happy to hear that your book has been translated into another language! It’s an easy-to-read, non-judgemental book that many people can relate to. Thanks for writing it!

  3. I didn’t know they had a free campaign kit and girls in spandex in the street!! Only saw big signboards at the book stores! (damn)

    As you can see you are a success in the other side of the Atlantic, with your recycled paper book with a naked girl in the cover.

    Thank you very much for swimming your words to this part of the world 😉 surely I’m not the only portuguese that loved your book.

  4. Mrs. Money says:

    Wow!! How cool. Congrats, Vanessa!

  5. Lisa says:

    That is how you sell books!!

  6. Kimberly says:

    Oh wow… Are you cool with that cover?
    Congrats for making it to Europe!

  7. I take it back… I don’t want you to sign my copy of SNiG. I want a signed copy of the Portuguese version… And you know how everyone asks if those are your legs on the CAD cover, now we know what you look like sleeping naked.

  8. I love the placement of your name on the cover so that it seems that the naked sleeping chick is you. 😉

  9. Paula says:

    I am portuguese and I am loving your book!

  10. EcoYogini says:

    haha- this is hilarious!
    I do find it’s kinda weird that you didn’t know? I mean, aren’t authors usually consulted about these things?

    Anyhoo- book translated into another language=FAMOUS

  11. Hi! I just wanna say that I bought your book here in Portugal and I’m loving it. Congratulations for being so hilarious and deep thinker at the sime time about eco-problems. I’m inspired 😉

    All the best for you and your life. Chek out my Dazkarieh website if you want I listen to some of our music.

    Joana Negrão

  12. Monia says:

    Two weeks ago a colleague from work told me about an article in a Portuguese magazine: it reported the ecologist experience of a Canadian reporter during one whole year. And she had written a book! So I bought it the very same day.
    I am enjoying it very much. You write from the point of view of someone who’s concerned with the global warming issue and thinks we all should do more for our planet Earth, but who’s also aware of all the “sacrifices” comprised in an ecologist way of living. You are fun and take a critical realist position and therefore I can read your book as a means to change my carbon footprint a little bit every day, without getting to obsessed with it. I mean, taking the bus is fine, but I am never gonna wash my hair with vinegar… At least not before I finish “Sleeping Naked” 😉

    Congratulations for you book!

  13. Paula says:


    I just started to read the book yesterday, and couldn’t stop. It is really funny and motivating. I can do this! I can change and become more “GREEN”!

    From Portugal

  14. Ron (Meghan's Dad) says:

    Thistle, I just saw the cover of the Portuguese edition. No wonder the first guy you slept naked with put your name in lights (Noma lights of course). Having known you for over fifteen years, seeing you lying there like that, is actually quite creepy.

    R. Diddy

    ps- Are you available for Halloween? We’re doing a Sleeping Naked Is Green Halloween. We’ve selected you to be the sleeping naked character.

  15. Hello Vanessa
    I bought the portuguese version of your book, “Dormir Nu É Ecológico”, I read it very easily, because it was funny, very interesting, and with a lot of good ideas. And I loved it.
    I didn’t know about your blog, but I also started one 4 months ago dedicated to sustainability, in Portuguese (Sustentabilidade É Acção).
    I try to do my best for the environment, but I didn’t have the courage you had. And I’ve just posted a message on my blog about your book.

    Congratulations for the book, for the blog, for the one year experience, and for contributing to spread the word about the need to become more ecologic and friend of our earth. From Portugal.

  16. Rachelet says:

    Another Portuguese reader who was very inspired, not just on new green attitudes to adopt (started using cloth napkins instead of paper ones, for instance), but because I no longer feel embarrassed about most of the things I was already used to doing (mostly to save money), like peeing in the shower!
    Thanks Vanessa!

  17. Rachelet says:

    Oh, and the PT word for “risqué” is “arriscado” (or “atrevido” if you mean “bold”).

  18. Di says:

    I read your book this weekend and I loved it.
    Good job!

    From Portugal

  19. Alexandra Soares says:

    Just started reading your book after seeing my sister giggle her way through it (I obviously had to borrow it) and last night I made it all the way to April (which is a deed for me, considering I normally fall asleep after 5 or 6 pages…)
    I’m reading the translation. Is this the first translation of the book? Good work!

  20. Vanessa Mealha says:

    Hi, Vanessa!

    I want to thank you for inspiring me in reducing my carbon footprint and making me laugh at the same time! I read about you in a portuguese magazine and immediately bought your original book! Keep enjoying life the way you do!

    Vanessa, Portugal

  21. Hi! I’m just 13 years old, but I read your book and I absolutely loved it. I’m now trying to convince my dad reading it, actually. =D

    I’m Portuguese too, but I was a bit sad for seeing people just staring at the title and then turning away. It is sad to see that my country is so conservative.

    Well, I really loved your book, and I specially liked the “have showers with the lights off” and the “have ‘medium’ temperature showers” (I don’t know how to say it in English, sorry). Most of the people who I told about the “use only ‘spinning’ doors” (once again, I don’t know how to say it in English :S) didn’t believed it, actually. LOL

    Well, thank you for this simple, well-written book – and, let me say, with a lot of humor. It was really good, and I’m possibly trying a lot of those! 🙂

    And sorry for my bad English. :S

  22. Filipa Silva says:

    Hi Vanessa,
    I work with cloth/material re-utilization for handycraft bibs, pacifier clips and baby cerriers. One small step to reduce waste.
    After your blog and book, I’ve change allready for a Mooncup!

    Best wishes from Lisbon – Portugal,

  23. Catarina Lebre says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    I just want to say one thing: when i grow up I want to be like you, it’s okay for you? AHAH, I’m kidding but I admire you and when my boyfriend gave me your book I freaking out LOL. The book “came out” (I don’t know how to say that in English, sorry) and I wanted it from the beginning. Now, I’ll try to do more for the environment! And because of you I’ll adopt new ecological habits.

    Catarina (from Portugal)

  24. Lígia says:

    I’m from Portugal. I knew about this book in the internet and I’m now reading it. It has been a fun reading ang also some encouragement to do my part and change a little my habits. But sure I won’t be so radical and I hope I won’t get paranoic.

  25. Joel Azevedo says:

    Hi! I just “devoured” your book! have you been in Portugal ever? For when a next book? Congratulations (in green)…
    Joel(from Porto, Portugal)

  26. Joana says:

    aha this is pretty awesome, since I am now reading the book. Oh I am portuguese.
    I love your book so far. 🙂 It’s inspiring! Congrats!

  27. Filipa says:

    I’m reading your book and I’m loving it! The truth is that I feel identifeid with all the doubts of turning daily life more green. and I work in the environmental business.
    thanks for being so inspiring (I’ve decided to create a blog of my own about this subject)
    Cheers from Portugal,

  28. Ana says:

    Eu adorei o seu livro parabens

  29. Juliane says:

    Espero que leia português, pois não sei escrever em inglês! Estou a procura de seu livro, mas no Brasil não estou encontrando… Tem algum link para me indicar? … Parabenizo pelo trabalho. Beijos

  30. catobbsessedteen says:

    haha yeah i was born in brazil and according to my mother they know how to party. on mardi gras dont start lookin in any dark allys

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