An epilogue to the epilogue…

April 13, 2010

OK, I know I’ve technically wrapped up ye ol’ Green as a Thistle, but something very exciting happened! Those who’ve read Sleeping Naked is Green through to the end will know that the epilogue is all about how one of my best friends became my boyfriend. Well, now my boyfriend is also my fiancé! Yep, he proposed while we were on vacation, sitting in a hot tub on the deck of a treehouse (which had a solar-powered composting toilet… but that’s another story). He didn’t yet have a ring, so he reached over and grabbed a palm frond instead:

We’re both very giddy and stupid in love. Already in full eco-wedding planning mode… but again, that’s another story (or maybe another blog). Hoping all of you are keeping happy and healthy and green.

– Vanessa