Should the word ‘virtuous’ really be allowed on an aerosol can? (Day 22)…

March 22, 2007


And I love that right below the word virtuous are two ‘flammable’ and ‘explosive’ symbols. Granted, you can now recycle most aerosol cans and none of them will emit the CFCs they did back in the chlorofluorockin’ 70s and 80s (props to the Montreal Protocol of 1987). But something tells me it’s just not a good idea to store the oil I use to cook my food in a container that says DANGER (capitals theirs).

There aren’t many aerosol cans in my apartment — the only other two I could find were an old can of shaving cream and a carpet deodorizer. But I think it’s for the best if I ditch them and make do for the next 343 days without this form of packaging, no?

If I’m wrong on this (I won’t lie, there’s been a lot of self-doubt going on after that microwave post), do let me know. Otherwise, bring on the razor burn and uneven distribution of oil in my frying pans!