Getting my fruit flies drunk (Day 192)…

September 8, 2007

fruit flies

The compost bin on my balcony has, so far, been a success. My worms are still alive, so that’s a good start, and I’ve been pretty careful about balancing the pH of the soil, making sure there’s a good variety of greens, starches, coffee grounds, egg shells, wet newspaper and so on. I stir it around every now and then, too, just to make sure it’s getting enough air.

But the downside is that if any fruit goes in there whatsoever, I’m guaranteed a whole swarm of those itty-bitty flies will invade and eventually sneak into my apartment, too.

However, I can’t exactly whip out the bug spray, especially not if I want to keep my precious wormies alive and pooping. So instead, I’ve decided to kill off the fruit flies in a more natural way: alcohol poisoning.

I poured a little (seriously, just a little — no way am I about to waste more than a drop of wine, even if it is cheap Ontario plonk) into a cup, then stuck a bit of cling wrap on top, poked some holes in it and perched it above my compost bin. It’s only been a few hours so I can’t report yet on the effectiveness of this strategy, but either way, I hereby pledge to continue using the greenest way possible to kill the crap out of stupid bugs.

Photo courtesy of Suertudo on Flickr

But ociffer, I’m getting drunked for the environments! (Day 187)…

September 3, 2007

keg costume

Some days call for a drink. Some days call for multiple drinks. True, mass consumption of anything is never very eco-friendly, but there are times when getting drunk is really unavoidable: a new job, for instance, calls for celebration; getting fired calls for, well, an even bigger celebration. And then there are occasions like your 19th birthday, St. Patty’s Day and the ultimate liver-wrecker: weddings with open bars.

But if you’re going to get blitzed, you might as well do it in as green a fashion as possible — drinking a pint of draught beer from a tap rather than out of a bottle is one way, as is buying wine in a two-litre jug rather than two separate one-litre bottles. And if you’re having a party at home, why not order a keg of beer from the local microbrewery instead of lugging home multiple cans held together by those bird-strangling plastic rings or those rattly cases of 24 individual bottles?

As of today, then, I’ll be ordering my local beer and organic cocktails in glasses, not bottles, and the next raging party I host will be offering booze the university student way: out of a keg (possibly with a funnel attached).

Redonkulous beer keg costume courtesy of this site

Hard liquor, easy on the earth (Day 140)…

July 18, 2007

I already have enough post-martini guilt as it is, why create more? Instead, the next time I’m downing a Cosmo or a Manhattan, I’m going to reassure myself that while my liver and kidneys may be getting somewhat saturated with toxins, it could be worse: they could be getting saturated with genetically modified toxins!

So when it comes to vodka, I’m thinking I’ll go with either Reyka vodka, from Iceland (not too far from Canada) — it’s distilled using geothermal steam, which saves on electricity — or Square One, which is made from organic rye and comes in bottles with labels made from bamboo and other recyclable material.


There’s also Papagayo organic spiced rum (perfect for a dark ‘n’ stormy), Juniper Green gin and, well, I’m not a big scotch drinker so that about covers it.

Whether I’m at home or at the bar, from now on, I’m only drinking greentinis.