Fewer 4 a.m. hairballs (Day 186)…

September 2, 2007


Cat owners know there’s nothing more rewarding in life than falling asleep with a furry ball of love purring by your side — then suddenly waking up at 4 a.m. to the sound of: gyugck, gyugck, gyugck …. BLECH!

Ah yes, the hairball.

The best part is when you get to lie there in bed, trying to guess from the volume and intervals of retching whether you’re about to find your cat’s present on the bathroom tiles (excellent), hardwood floor (pretty good) or carpeted stairs (brutal).

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy trying to explain to Sophie that, if she’d just make sure to barf on a hard surface, I wouldn’t have to use so many paper towels to clean it up. So I’m going to be more proactive as of today, taking the preventative route of grooming her more often, which means there will be fewer hairballs and random tufts of dander-laden fur to clean up.

Plus she loves being brushed, and a happier kitty means a happier owner.

I’m a fan of fans (Day 155)…

August 2, 2007


Today, in Toronto, it was 38 degrees, one of those days when it feels like you’re working up a sweat just by breathing. Without air-conditioning, it was pretty stifling in my apartment, and Sophie was none too pleased either — this was demonstrated by her shedding everywhere, then eating the clumps of fur later as though they’d turned into food, which meant she’d be coughing up hairballs everywhere. Then she decided to pee on the living room rug, poop on the bed and save a little extra where that came from for the doormat. Ah, the companionship of pets.

The thing is, Canadians are very reluctant to complain about hot weather because we spend so much of the year whining about the cold and snow. Indeed, if it were sunny and hot like this all year round, I really wouldn’t kick up much of a fuss. In the mean time, however, I need to find a way to beat the heat, and when I was in Madrid, I noticed most women carried around these beautiful paper fans. You could buy them on practically every street corner for just €2 (is that a Euro sign? Did I press the right key?), so I got one and brought it back home with me.

Now, I know it’s not made from recycled paper and it may or may not come from China, but there weren’t really many other options other than making my own, and I’m just not that crafty.

And while using a hand-held fan in itself isn’t much of a green change, the fact that I’m no longer going to use my electric fan is.

Photo courtesy of this artsy fartsy site

The ecologically sound and the furry (Day 8)…

March 8, 2007


In yesterday’s post I wrote about switching my conditioner. Now it’s onto my cat’s hair — which in turn gets onto everything else. Because Sophie has grey fur, it tends to blend in with most things so I can be pretty lazy about picking it off; usually I just suck it up every week with my vacuum.

But when it clings on anything black, it seems to cling extra hard. Until now, I’ve preferred to use those sticky-tape lint rollers that really yoink up each and every last hair. Now, however, I’m switching back to the classic lint brushes, like Evercare’s Magik Lint Brush, which last pretty much forever and don’t contribute any paper waste.

I admit, it’s not as though landfills are overflowing with lint rollers, and there aren’t any lint brush activists marching the streets in protest. But this blog is about making small changes along with big ones, and today, I’m feeling the small.