Putting a cork in it (Day 64)…

May 3, 2007


I’ve never been the type to collect my used wine corks for the purpose of some hideous arts and crafts project like this, this or, even more ambitious, this. Fortunately, the local Girl Guides have set up the Bag-a-Cork program (because you know those heavyweight drinkers aren’t just washing their cookies down with milk), which sorts and delivers them back to the LEED-certified Jelinek Cork Group to be recycled into everything from duck decoys to gift bags and even something called, intriguingly, an “anti-fatigue mat.”

The website points out that an estimated 100 million corks will be discarded in Ontario this year — so far, the program has diverted over one million of them, or about five tonnes. It also has a handy list of which restaurants, bars and liquor stores have drop-off bins, as well as the requisite fact page featuring “A Short History of Cork.”

What I’m wondering, though, is what to do with the rubber wine corks? Should I be trying to avoid the bottles that have these, or are they more eco-friendly? Perhaps I should avoid buying either and go for the screw-top, seeing as I’ve already made the sacrifices of switching to Ontario plonk and reusing the same glass. Or, maybe I should just give up wine altogether and be a grumpy teetotaler for the rest of the year.

Photo courtesy of LaMadrilenya on Flickr