Some new goo for the loo (Day 151)…

July 29, 2007

toilet bowl cleaner

Not to get too graphic, but this whole let-it-mellow thing doesn’t exactly make for a pristine toilet bowl. So it wasn’t long before I finished up the last of my toxic, abrasive cleaner and had to go find a less cancer-causing alternative. I immediately turned to my new favourite eco-brand, Ecover, which makes a natural product that comes in one of those strategically angled bottles — and I’ll of course refill it if I can find toilet bowl cleaner in bulk. It smells of pine, which I’m not so into, and required slightly more scrubbing, but overall, I’m satisfied.

Run for Ecover (Day 53)…

April 22, 2007

I just ran out of my regular Palmolive dish detergent — not to be confused with dishwasher detergent; I’m talking about the liquid suds you keep by the kitchen sink for hand-cleaning all those Waterford crystal champagne flutes … Yeah yeah, I’m broke, but fancy stemware is a non-negotiable indulgence at my place.

Anyway, because I’m trying to get as much variety as possible with all these eco-products, I thought I’d invest in something a little different, maybe a Canadian brand like Nature Clean or Citra-Dish. But the Ecover detergent just looked so much prettier than the others, with its translucent packaging and modern typeface. Plus I’ve already had major success with this company’s laundry wash and glass cleaner, and it’s owned by this Belgian dude named Jørgen Philip Sørensen, and when you have two slashed letter o’s in your name, you’re officially cool.

So I just went ahead and bought their dish detergent. Of course, I love it. Smells light and fresh, isn’t too gooey and does the job perfectly.

And no, I swear I don’t work for Ecover, nor are they slipping me free swag under the table (psst, Ecover, feel free to do this anytime — I’m at 300-1450 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON, M3B 3R5).

Maybe babies have it right (Day 40)…

April 9, 2007


It’s funny how a lot of these eco-products have claims like “Safe for babies” on them. I mean, at what point do we say to ourselves, “Well, I’m not a baby anymore, so I better start incorporating some more toxins into my lifestyle”? Honestly.

This was the case yet again with Ecover’s laundry detergent, which proclaims it’s “ideal for baby clothes”; I figure, my clothes are basically made from the same materials baby clothes are — except I probably have less powder-blue terrycloth in my closet and they probably don’t own a sequined tube top for last-minute disco parties. But otherwise, it’s all cotton, which means this detergent should be just as ideal for me.

And it is.

It has a nice lemon scent, which is enough to make everything smell fresh without being overpowering, and my clothes seem as clean as they were before (granted, the beaujolais stain on that tube top is still there, but I don’t think anything’s strong enough to get that thing out).

Pumpity pump pump (Day 23)…

March 23, 2007

EcoVert Windex

On the one hand, my mirrors have never been cleaner. On the other hand, I never knew I had so many freckles. The reason: I am enamoured with Ecover‘s glass and surface cleaner. Actually, it’s not even the cleaning solution itself — which is actually as good, if not better, than Windex — it’s the spray pump. This thing will make even the most passive pacifist trigger happy until their windows are invisible.

Seriously, it’s like firing a gun (and despite being Canadian, I know what that feels like — my family recently took a trip to Miami; ’nuff said). You just pull the handle gently, see, but then it suddenly takes off and kapow! A perfectly distributed mist wafts out, ready to be wiped off with the recycled paper towel or cloth rag of your choice.

From now on, though I may need to get more wrinkle cream, a couple face peels and some Clearasil, I’m sticking to a natural glass cleaner like this one — if only because it totally pumps me up.