SWF seeks hippie with full set of teeth (Day 180)…

August 27, 2007

green singles

In case you haven’t noticed from the numerous posts revolving around my cat, my parents and sometimes my friend Meghan — I’m single. It’s OK, I’m totally cool with it. I’m usually a serial monogamist, and often don’t abandon any relationship until I’ve got someone else waiting in the wings, but this time I just did it and truly enjoyed having my own space, playing my own music and eating my own food on my own schedule.

But it’s been almost a year now, so I’ve decided to get back into the dating scene. Part of this challenge, though, is finding others who are attractive and care about the environment, who understand my aversion to plastic and my need for organic tubers but won’t ream me out every time I need to rent a Zip car for groceries. During the course of this bike trip, I managed to get over my aversion to vegans, but I still don’t want to go out with anyone who thinks wine and Advil are the devil’s work, anyone who wears Guatemalan pants, or anyone named Serenity.

So I decided to green my dating slowly and carefully, beginning with GreenSingles.com, which says it’s for the “environmental, vegetarian and animal rights community.” I created a profile, which you can probably find with some digging, and which is probably the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done in my life. Then I started looking around at all the men on it and saw that in all of Toronto there were about 12, and maybe two of them were near my age. Even when I expanded my search to all of Ontario, it still kept offering me nothing but Owen Wilson lookalikes who declared their religion as “On a spiritual journey.”

I’ve also been trying to attend more green-themed events, such as an anti-styrofoam party a while back at the Gladstone Hotel or the more recent Bicycle Film Festival. As well, I’m hoping to meet some cool people through the Toronto Environmental Volunteers group and various other community gatherings from farmers markets to vegetarian food fairs.

We’ll see how it goes. Mostly, I’m just hoping whoever I end up with can not only pronounce “vermicomposting” but has heard of modern inventions like deodorant and floss.

Not bound to cotton rounds (Day 66)…

May 5, 2007

Sometimes I think the female species is more responsible for overflowing landfills and excess waste than their male counterparts — at least when it comes to females like myself, ie. recovering product junkies who have an 18-step bedtime regimen involving brushing, flossing, sometimes mouthwashing, one moisturizer for hands, feet and elbows, another for arms and legs, lip balm, a few hair brushes, etc. When it comes to my face, I’ve always used those little cotton rounds to remove my makeup, then used a face wash, toner, night cream, and if I have any zits then some ointment for that, too.

High maintenance? Maybe. But I’m cutting down on at least one step by not buying any more cotton rounds. Instead, I’ll use a facecloth. This will require a bit of extra water, but not much, and considering the little pads are made with bleach and come wrapped in plastic — even the organic ones come in some sort of disposable packaging — I think it’s the more environmentally sound thing to do.

No big floss (Day 35)…

April 4, 2007

floss My friend Sarah Pretty, who admits to being obsessed with interdental hygiene, recently pointed me in the direction of Eco-Dent floss, which is marketed not as all-natural or environmentally friendly, but “vegan waxed.”

Well, I don’t particularly want my floss to be waxed with, or by, vegans. But I do get the occasional bit of green wedged in between my pearly whites and I definitely prefer buying the stuff in a recyclable paper box as opposed to in a bulky plastic container (even worse are those ridiculous floss-on-a-stick contraptions).

I tried it out today and it’s just as strong and minty fresh as any brand-name floss. Also, I’m totally digging this company’s adorable logo,
which reminds me a bit of Fido Dido.