Not much left to chew on (Day 65)…

May 4, 2007


Foil, paper and plastic packaging; artificial sweeteners and zero nutritional value; a sticky glob you chew on, spit out and often get stuck on your shoe — all for the sake of fresh breath, and maybe some oral fixation. Really, gum is pretty dumb.

I’ll admit, I often crave a piece after eating garlic bread or French onion soup, but I’m always disappointed. Brands like Excel, Dentyne, Trident and now Mentos and Juicy Fruit all come in ridiculously over-packaged sleeves (even their websites are over-packaged), with each piece encased in its own dispenser, so it feels less like you’re opening gum than popping pills.

Plus, they’re always so sweet that in the end my tongue feels more syrupy than clean, and the ones that are sugar-free all have aspartame or sucralose, which hurts my stomach.

There really is no fun in gum, other than the satisfaction of popping and snapping it, which drives my father nuts — so, I’m sure he’ll be elated to hear that I’m giving the stuff up as my next green change.

Well, let me amend that a bit: I’m giving up packaged gum. I might try and make my own with real mint or cinnamon flavour; otherwise, I’ll just get another recyclable toothbrush and a travel-sized tube of natural toothpaste and keep them in my ever-expanding purse for whenever halitosis strikes.

Photo courtesy of canonsnapper on Flickr