Making the cut (Day 128)…

July 6, 2007


You know, I really haven’t minded parting with my hair dryer that much, but there was something about having two feet of wet hair dangling from my head that was just weighing me down. It was time for it to go, so I made an appointment at the salon and got it cut. Like, really cut. Like above my shoulders and barely fits in a ponytail cut.

Less hair means less product being consumed, so my green move today will be to keep my hair short.

‘Da kinks in my hair (Day 123)…

July 1, 2007

hair iron

This is a sort of Ironing Part 2 (that subject line is a nod to this local play, which was moderately entertaining). In short, I’m unplugging my hair-straightening iron for good. Well, if it’s a super-special occasion — like a wedding or something — then I may cave. But essentially, it’s kaput.

I know what you’re thinking:

“Could you have any more hair-related crap?!”

Why yes, actually, take your pick: anti-frizz humectant, curling serum, holding spray, round brushes and flat brushes … I did warn you I was a product junkie.

Anyway, I guess I just felt like a bit of a cheat when I started restricting my time with the hair dryer while still indulging in a bit of flat-iron every now and then to get those pesky front bits straight. But in the name of saving electricity, it’s being strangled with its cord like my heating pad and shoved unceremoniously into my bathroom drawer.

Beach blonde, not bleached blonde (Day 110)…

June 18, 2007

naturlogoNow that I’m air-drying my hair and using natural shampoos and conditioners, I figured I’d annoy my hairdresser even more by switching from salon-brand dyes to natural alternatives, like the ones made by Naturcolor. The only problem is that by doing it at home by myself, I’m forced to do an all-over wash instead of highlights (I’ve tried to do this before; it required multiple trips to the salon for repairs).

I went for “Palest Saffron Blonde”, 10R, which you can see here, although in the store it looked a lot more like 8N in tint. For a natural dye, I have to say, it didn’t smell that natural and when I mixed the two solutions together it started getting warm. Then it turned this dark amber colour and started getting hot, which sort of freaked me out.

But I persevered, touching up my roots first, then after 20 minutes working it through the rest of my hair. Finally, I washed it out (I’d post a photo but my hair’s looking pretty gross right now). Basically, it’s very subtle, and more strawberry blonde than golden blonde. I went sailing yesterday with my dad, sister, some friends and then later saw my mom, but none of them noticed, so I’m not sure it was worth the effort.

I’ve read that the dyes used at Aveda salons are a lot less abrasive and chemical-based than others, so in the future I may just make a point of getting my highlights done at, say, Civello rather than Fiorio. I’m predicting a whole bunch of you are going to comment, “You should try using Henna!” but I’m pretty sure that’s only good if you’re going red or dark.