My dishes get a helping hand (Day 118)…

June 26, 2007


Another appliance bites the dust today, as I unplug — at least figuratively speaking, I’m not sure I can actually reach the socket — my dishwasher.

Now, I know there’s a lot of debate in the green blogosphere about whether dishwashers use more water than handwashing or less, but it sort of depends on the unit itself, how modern and efficient it is, whether or not you’re using the appropriate cycle and/or the air-dry function, the quantity of dishes getting cleaned, etc.

All I know is that my dishwasher sucked to begin with, and after I switched to Seventh Gen detergent, things got worse; I kept having to rinse everything beforehand, then soak the spoons afterwards to get all the persistent oatmeal residue off. On top of this, because I have so much stuff that needs to be cleaned by hand anyway, like my French press and champagne flutes, it would end up that there’d be a massive pile of dishes in the sink every night and only a couple stinky bowls in the dishwasher.

So I figure as long as I’m careful about how much water I use, keep it cold or lukewarm rather than hot, and rinse sparingly, it’ll be best to do my dishes with old-fashioned elbow grease.

Photo courtesy of Wenspics at Flickr

Green from Karim (Day 13)…

March 13, 2007


As I’ve said before, I love being green but hate to compromise style. This is why, when I ran out of handwash today, I restocked with Method. On the green front: it’s made with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients, recyclable plastic and isn’t tested on animals. On the style front: it’s designed by slickster Karim Rashid (who, on the local front: also happens to be Canadian! … OK, technically he was born in Cairo … All right, and he may or may not live in New York now … but close enough!).

It retails for around $4, which is pretty reasonable for handwash. I find that it doesn’t lather up that much, but spreads around easily and feels like it’s getting the job done. The people behind the brand are a little kooky — they have this whole “people against dirty” campaign, which creeps me out for some reason — but they seem nice enough.

Best of all, though, is that you can get this stuff everywhere, so no need to go digging in the dusty aisles of that alternative health store with the semi-comatose cat in the front window.

*Update: Jessie Jane has a great comment on this post. “My favorite thing about Method,” she says, “is the story my boyfriend heard the CEO tell at one of their corporate meetings — apparently he came home one day to discover his infant daughter had drunk almost a whole bottle of the surface cleaner (apparently it tastes as good as it smells). They took her to the hospital, but aside from a brief tummy ache she was just fine, no stomach pumping necessary.”