Incensed about odours (Day 205)…

September 21, 2007


I’ve never been one for the Glade Plug-Ins, those neon-coloured gel packs you cram into an ugly plastic thing which sticks into a wall socket. They always smelled fake to me, and really overpowering, like there was some odour lurking underneath that you really didn’t want to encounter.

When the Febreze line came out, I initially had the same reaction — why would anyone need to spray stairs and couch pillows with anything? But eventually, Proctor&Gamble’s marketing sucked me in.

“Hmm,” I thought one day at the store, “maybe my couch pillows are smelly but my sense of smell is poor and I can’t notice… I’d better buy a bottle of this and douse them just in case.”

Totally ridiculous. But at the same time, there is something to be said for a house that smells nice, that smells of more than just, well, house. So I’ve decided to forgo any plastic or aerosol cans, not to mention all the harsh chemicals that come with most brand-name perfumes, and use incense or my beeswax candles, instead.

The trick with incense, I think, is to not use the whole stick at once — unless, of course, you actually want your house to smell like hippie.

Photo of incense coils in Hong Kong courtesy of bethlet on Flickr