Jewellery with a conscience (Day 158)…

August 5, 2007

pennib earrings

Waaaay back in March, I wrote a short little post about some eco-friendy jewellery I found that — gasp! — was actually stylish and — double gasp! — not made with recycled hemp (apologies to all the hardcore hippies out there but I just flat-out refuse to wear one of these).

It’s made by a woman named Reena Kazmann who sells her designs at — personally, I love the typewriter key earrings, pen nib and transit token cufflinks and circuit board luggage tags.

There are other companies out there, like Moonrise or Swift, who offer similarly green options when it comes to jewellery, and here in Toronto I can usually find some good stuff at the One of a Kind Show.

But it’s not always easy, and I’ve always had a weakness for those $5 necklaces at H&M and fake gold hoop earrings at Le Château. Plus, every time I walk into Banana Republic, it’s guaranteed that there will be at least five things I desperately want in the display case.

Alas, the next time I want to accessorize a new outfit, it’ll have to be done with rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings from an eco-friendly, fair-trade and preferably local designer.

Hippy jewellery that isn’t ugly!

March 6, 2007


I’ve never liked hemp necklaces and the only time I’ll indulge in friendship bracelets is if I’m at a cottage and my friend Meghan is making them for me. But recently, I stumbled upon a neato company — founded by Reena Kazmann in 1999 — which sells remarkably tasteful eco-friendly jewellery.

Eco-Artware has cufflinks made from typewriter keys, earrings made from UPC codes and plenty more. Anyone celebrating a green birthday soon?