Razing awareness (Day 57)…

April 26, 2007


Recently, I wrote about how I’m investing in laser hair removal (and blushed the entire post, so the details will not be getting repeated here). But because I can’t afford to get every inch of me zapped, I still need to shave my legs. After a long Canadian winter, the pump mechanism on my old can of shaving cream had succumbed to rigor mortis, which made for a perfect opportunity to toss it — in the recycling bin, of course — and invest in a natural alternative.

I went for the fragrance-free version by Kiss My Face, partly because I hadn’t yet tried any of this brand’s products and was curious to test them out, but mostly because it was the cheapest one on the shelf.

Although it’s not nearly as fun as using the gel stuff that magically turns into foam as you spread it around, it was fine. I can’t quite say whether or not I’d recommend it for more sensitive areas like the face or, well, other sensitive areas. To be honest, my calves are a little too far away for me to care much whether they’re itchy, rashy or stubbly (this logic might also explain why I’m in desperate need of a pedicure).

Punny headline courtesy of the PunGents 

Lasers not razors (Day 48)…

April 17, 2007

When it comes to posts like these, I have to remind myself as I type each and every sentence that my grandpa is reading this, my boss is reading this and, at least according to one inside source, Margaret Atwood might even be reading this.

So with that, here goes my post on laser hair removal.

I’m not about to get into any detail, but I will say that this is counting as one of my green changes. Yes, the machine uses up some electricity (I spent forever trying to figure out how much; feel free to enlighten me below). But it also only requires about six treatments before the hair is fully and completely gone for life. And as someone who’s been waxed, as well as pierced, tattooed and kicked in the face (at Tae Kwon Do in grade 11), I can vouch that it’s relatively painless.

This means: If you’re a shaving person, there’ll be no more disposable razors, cans of shaving cream and running extra water in the shower; if you usually wax, it’s goodbye messy canvas strips, paraffin and hot plates; if you do electrolysis, lasers are apparently more efficient both cost-wise and time-wise; and, if you normally stick to tweezers — well, you’re clearly a masochist and I can’t help you there.


The only downside is it’s not cheap. In fact, it may require remortgaging your house. But in the long run, it’s worth it.

It also appears that a dedicated team
of eco-minded (and probably a little hairy-backed) scientists have already looked into solar-powered lasers. Next thing you know, they’ll be greening guns! Oh wait, they already have.

Photo nicked from over here.

“Do you expect me to talk?”
“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to have
a flawless bikini line!”