My undies get the cold shoulder (Day 159)…

August 6, 2007


For years now I’ve washed most of my clothes in cold water, but if I was ever cleaning something really icky — like the bath mat Sophie just pooped on, for instance — I would often use hot water. Somehow, it just got into my head that a hotter temperature would kill off more germs. As well, for whatever reason, the “delicates” cycle on my machine uses lukewarm water instead of cold, perhaps because it’s thought to be more gentle on finicky fabrics like silk.

But enough of this — cold water is just fine, especially seeing as it has plenty of detergent swirling around in it anyway. My precious unmentionables can suck it up and go in a regular cycle (at low water level, of course) with the rest of my clothes and warm up on the drying rack later. And the bath mat? Well, I’ll just have to convince myself it’ll get as clean as it did before… maybe I’ll throw Sophie in there with it.

An increase in creases (Day 122)…

June 30, 2007


There’s nothing I hate more than waking up and finding a new wrinkle — whether it’s one on my forehead or one in the shirt I planned to wear to work that morning.

But of course every time I iron my clothes, more electricity gets used, especially because I have no idea how to do it properly and end up taking forEVER to get the job done). Now, I’m not about to show up to a hot date or job interview in a pair of wrinkley, bunched-up pants, but I will be limiting how often I use my iron, as well as how high I crank it.

I’m hereby restricting its use to special occasions and/or crease-prone materials like linen. Furthermore, when I do use it, I’ll make sure to keep it on medium heat and try to get batches of stuff done at once rather than individually.

Image courtesy of WeeRobbie on Flickr

A nude attitude (Day 96)…

June 4, 2007

I thought I’d liven up this otherwise boring Monday here at Thistle headquarters by doing something different, something other than a product switch or turning off more appliances; really thinking outside the box and coming up with something you won’t find on all the redundant Top 10 Ways to Go Green lists out there.

What might it be, you ask? Why am I rambling on like a bad journalist and burying the lead? Well, let’s just say I’m a little paranoid that, after doing this, I’m going to be the first search result when people Google the words “Vanessa” and “naked”.

OK, enough stalling: My green move today is to sleep in nothing but my birthday suit. This means no more pajamas to wash and dry, thus cutting back on my weekly laundry load.

There are just two caveats with this change: one, if I’m staying at a friend’s house or a hotel, I’m going to wear something — which is less due to modesty than common courtesy, not to mention hygienic purposes when it comes to all those bacterial residues lurking on hotel beds; and two, if December rolls around and despite multiple blankets, hot water bottles and strategically placed cats, I’m still shivering in bed, I’m going to have to bring out the flannel PJs.

Some people sleep naked all the time — especially boys, and especially in the summer. But I’ve always been way too in love with my pretty Eberjey nighties, Elle McPherson camis and other bank-account draining “intimate apparel” to just go commando. Plus, my bed is about three feet away from a floor-to-ceiling window with translucent curtains that looks directly onto a busy street, so I do have to respect those on their morning commute.

But I think this will prove to be a minimalistic, freeing experience that will ease my eco-guilt as well as the strain on my bank account. At worst, it’ll make me realize the importance of a high thread count.