The pinch hitter of litters (Day 19)…

March 19, 2007


There’s a reason Lewis Carroll used the British Blue as a model for the Cheshire Cat in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: this breed can be downright evil. If I forget to give Sophie her Feline Greenies treats (Nantucket Bay Scallop flavour) before I leave in the morning, I can expect to come home and find strategically placed poop either on the rug or, if her cranky pants are really chafing, on the bed.

Recently, however, she’s been good, and I think part of the reason is that I switched her litter for a greener variety. For a while I was using the standard clumping clay stuff, which is apparently akin to letting your cat smoke a pack of Gauloises a day. Then I switched to the silica pebbles, but they kept tracking and were almost sharp enough to draw blood if you stepped on them.

So then I tried World’s Best Cat Litter — which I thought was a fairly presumptuous title — but hey, it earns it. Made from whole-kernel corn, it’s safe enough to ingest (in case you’re running low on groceries or something), clumps perfectly, has a soft texture, barely tracks, is biodegradable, dust-free and scent-free. Seriously, you should just marry this litter, without a prenup.

Prices vary; I got mine for about $16, which seems a little steep, but a little goes a long way and, in the end, if it means I don’t have to come home every night to stinky droppings of wrath on my bed, it’s worth it.

Also, Thistle reader Carissa sent me an e-mail about Swheat Scoop litter, which is made from wheat and has the same benefits — plus a cuter name. Maybe you could even mix the two and call it muesli.