Feeling the burn (Day 114)…

June 22, 2007


So I just bought all that fancy, mineral-based suntan lotion, and what do I do? Promptly go out in the sun, neglect to apply any of it and scald my back. The worst part was, I was just sitting there thinking, “My back is probably burning right now,” and did nothing other than half-heartedly rotate, so I was more asking for skin cancer than begging for it.

The product junkie in me insisted I march straight to Shopper’s Drug Mart and buy some after-sun lotion, plus maybe some of that cooling gel meant for arthritis — that stuff rocks.

But then I stopped and reconsidered. For one thing, those lotions have never really seemed very effective, and for another, if something like aloe vera is supposed to be good for sunburns, it would surely make a lot more sense to get an actual leaf of aloe, which doesn’t come in all that plastic and paper packaging. I also have this homemade beeswax stuff that could be worth a try, although the chances that anything other than time will turn this red blotchiness into an even tan are slim to none.

That’s OK, though. I figure, I’ve contributed to global warming, so if I’m stupid enough not to protect myself from it, I might as well pay the price and feel the burn.

Image courtesy from these guys.

Not bound to cotton rounds (Day 66)…

May 5, 2007

Sometimes I think the female species is more responsible for overflowing landfills and excess waste than their male counterparts — at least when it comes to females like myself, ie. recovering product junkies who have an 18-step bedtime regimen involving brushing, flossing, sometimes mouthwashing, one moisturizer for hands, feet and elbows, another for arms and legs, lip balm, a few hair brushes, etc. When it comes to my face, I’ve always used those little cotton rounds to remove my makeup, then used a face wash, toner, night cream, and if I have any zits then some ointment for that, too.

High maintenance? Maybe. But I’m cutting down on at least one step by not buying any more cotton rounds. Instead, I’ll use a facecloth. This will require a bit of extra water, but not much, and considering the little pads are made with bleach and come wrapped in plastic — even the organic ones come in some sort of disposable packaging — I think it’s the more environmentally sound thing to do.

Skinfully delicious (Day 21)…

March 21, 2007

Beautiful Soap & Co

You haven’t truly suffered dry, itchy skin until you’ve lived in Canada. No matter how high you crank the humidifier or how much water you drink, it can get to the point where it looks as though you just spent a week rolling around in a pile of salt, popping diuretics.

Some days, I wish I could immerse myself in a vat of petroleum. Even after repeatedly slathering myself with the equivalent of a stick of butter (Body Shop’s Brazil Nut Body Butter), topped with the equivalent of the periodic table (Gold Bond Medicated Body Lotion), my skin will still be parched.

Beautiful Soap & Co‘s oatmeal and almond moisturizing lotion, which is 100% all-natural — no alcohol, parabens, petroleum, etc. — hasn’t exactly given me J.Lo skin, but it’s nice and thick and smells delish. Yet another green product that leaves the chemicals, but not the results, behind.

So as of today, I’m sticking to all-natural body lotion.

Now if there was only some way to refill it so I wouldn’t have to toss the empty packaging when I’m done (because at this rate, that’ll be in about two days).