A tub full of bubbles is nothing but trouble (Day 98)…

June 6, 2007


Another easy change to make now that the warm weather is finally here: no more baths (and no getting around this with hour-long showers, either), which means I conserve water and heat, plus reduce my consumption of bath salts, oils and Mr. Bubble.

I figure, if I get desperate for some hydrotherapy, I can always head over to Body Blitz, this women’s spa in Toronto where there’s a whole water circuit (sea salt pool, steam room, cold plunge, sauna, green tea hot tub). I’m usually not one for communal bathing — working as a lifeguard put me off public pools for good — but it makes green sense and it’s clean.

Still, something tells me that come January, I’m going to find myself fully clothed, sitting in fetal position in my tub, clutching my rubber ducky.

Image courtesy theimaginaryworld.com

Skinfully delicious (Day 21)…

March 21, 2007

Beautiful Soap & Co

You haven’t truly suffered dry, itchy skin until you’ve lived in Canada. No matter how high you crank the humidifier or how much water you drink, it can get to the point where it looks as though you just spent a week rolling around in a pile of salt, popping diuretics.

Some days, I wish I could immerse myself in a vat of petroleum. Even after repeatedly slathering myself with the equivalent of a stick of butter (Body Shop’s Brazil Nut Body Butter), topped with the equivalent of the periodic table (Gold Bond Medicated Body Lotion), my skin will still be parched.

Beautiful Soap & Co‘s oatmeal and almond moisturizing lotion, which is 100% all-natural — no alcohol, parabens, petroleum, etc. — hasn’t exactly given me J.Lo skin, but it’s nice and thick and smells delish. Yet another green product that leaves the chemicals, but not the results, behind.

So as of today, I’m sticking to all-natural body lotion.

Now if there was only some way to refill it so I wouldn’t have to toss the empty packaging when I’m done (because at this rate, that’ll be in about two days).