Un nouvel ami pour ma sécheuse (Day 27)…

March 27, 2007

fabric softener

I just realized I photographed the ‘Quebec’ side of this box by accident, but hey, you don’t have to be Frenchie McFrencherson to know what words like statique, réutilisables and hypoallergénique mean. These right here are reusable static sheets for the dryer.

Not only does this mean less packaging and waste, it also means less of the chemicals found in most disposable ones. Here, you might be saying, “It’s only Day 27, stop being such a paranoid eco-freak already!” To which I say, point taken. You may also say of those Bounce, Snuggle or Downy sheets, “Come on, how could a household brand with such a cute name and flowery perfume be so toxic?”

Well, for one, look at Britney Spears. And for two, consider this website (warning: highly disturbing music accompanies it) that lists various alternative uses for Bounce sheets, including warding off mice, bees, ants and mosquitos — frankly, if the bugs aren’t buying it, neither am I.

Having given these reusable cloth sheets a couple test runs in my latest load of laundry, I can officially say that they do indeed keep my socks out of my pants and my towels out of my pillow cases. And because I simply leave them in there for the next run, it even saves me a trip to the garbage can (the Lazy Environmentalist‘s ears should be burning right about … now).