No TP for pee pee (Day 191)…

September 7, 2007

TP roll

The original plan for this challenge was to be all about the small changes. There are plenty of other green bloggers going to extremes, like No Impact Man or EnviroWoman, but the whole point of my project is that it’s geared towards the average person, not the Dalai Lama (but hey, D-to-the-L, if you’re reading this — rock on!).

That said, thinking up 365 ways to lessen my ecological footprint isn’t exactly easy, and at this point I’ve already resorted to fairly drastic measures — unplugging the fridge, not using my oven, chopping off my hair, constructing a compost bin from scratch, etc.

So after emailing Colin incessantly, convincing him to reveal to me the all-too-personal details of his TP-free lifestyle, then stumbling upon Crunchy’s cloth-wipe challenge, I’ve decided today’s move will be more like a half-step towards something bigger: I’m going to eliminate toilet paper.

For now, it’ll be for #1, as I can’t quite handle doing it for #2 (especially not as I’m going to be interviewing Jake Gyllenhaal and shaking his Oscar-worthy hand today), but it’ll happen a little further down the road.

In place of toilet paper, I’ll be using a squirty water bottle, doing a quick rinse and then, well, pretty much shaking my booty dry. Maybe I’ll even bring a boombox into the bathroom and play some Rihanna tunes so it could be like a mini dance party!

Or… um… not.

Image of recycled TP roll courtesy of Grassroots

I gave that movie four stars? (Day 17)…

March 17, 2007

Toilet Paper

Something about using recycled matter on, well, rather private places disconcerts me. I know, it’s pathetically squeamish — and in fact what’s probably more unsettling is the amount of bleach in most rolls of toilet paper — but all I can think is, “Am I going to be wiping myself with leftover Christmas greeting cards? Outdated issues of Maxim? The review I wrote months ago for Blood Diamond?” (Perhaps more importantly: How can I ensure that I wipe myself with the latest Family Circus?)

But I’m getting over it. I just bought the Whole Foods 365 brand of recycled toilet paper. It’s #1 on the NRDC’s list of environmentally friendly TP, comprised of over 80% post-consumer recycled fibres. Although the package declares it to be “soft and absorbent,” it’s not exactly cashmere — but it’s not like it gives you splinters either.

I think this is a switch I can tolerate. It may not be good enough for fluffy kittens and cartoon bears, but it’s good enough for me.