No steaks on a plane (Day 80)…

May 19, 2007

Recently, I confessed to booking a somewhat elaborate summer vacation that requires a fair amount of air travel (which I’ve at least offset with TerraPass). On the plus side, I made sure to take one big chunk of time off work, so for the most part the flights will be short-haul; on the down side, due to scheduling conflicts, it also means taking a lot of connecting flights (and by “a lot” I mean … um… *cough* nine).

As I’ve already committed to eating meat sparingly — and, when I do, it has to be free-range, organic and/or grass-fed — this means I’d have to pick apart all my in-flight meals, being careful not to get genetically modified pork residue on the peas.

But the reality is, whether or not I eat the meat on my plate (or rather plastic tray), it doesn’t make a difference by that point; the demand for it is created as soon as I book my ticket.

Fortunately, this greenie plans ahead. I requested that all my in-flight meals be vegetarian or nothing at all. Most airlines these days are very accommodating — besides having veg options, they usually offer kosher, low-cholesterol, gluten-free and even bland/ulcer meals.

Unfortunately, I can’t request that they leave out the plastic cutlery set or make sure that both the coffee and any chocolate in the dessert is fair-trade. But if the cutlery comes separately, I’ll pass it back (then again, if I can’t get my portable chopsticks past security, this could be a problem).

No big floss (Day 35)…

April 4, 2007

floss My friend Sarah Pretty, who admits to being obsessed with interdental hygiene, recently pointed me in the direction of Eco-Dent floss, which is marketed not as all-natural or environmentally friendly, but “vegan waxed.”

Well, I don’t particularly want my floss to be waxed with, or by, vegans. But I do get the occasional bit of green wedged in between my pearly whites and I definitely prefer buying the stuff in a recyclable paper box as opposed to in a bulky plastic container (even worse are those ridiculous floss-on-a-stick contraptions).

I tried it out today and it’s just as strong and minty fresh as any brand-name floss. Also, I’m totally digging this company’s adorable logo,
which reminds me a bit of Fido Dido.