Pumpity pump pump (Day 23)…

March 23, 2007

EcoVert Windex

On the one hand, my mirrors have never been cleaner. On the other hand, I never knew I had so many freckles. The reason: I am enamoured with Ecover‘s glass and surface cleaner. Actually, it’s not even the cleaning solution itself — which is actually as good, if not better, than Windex — it’s the spray pump. This thing will make even the most passive pacifist trigger happy until their windows are invisible.

Seriously, it’s like firing a gun (and despite being Canadian, I know what that feels like — my family recently took a trip to Miami; ’nuff said). You just pull the handle gently, see, but then it suddenly takes off and kapow! A perfectly distributed mist wafts out, ready to be wiped off with the recycled paper towel or cloth rag of your choice.

From now on, though I may need to get more wrinkle cream, a couple face peels and some Clearasil, I’m sticking to a natural glass cleaner like this one — if only because it totally pumps me up.