The chopstick bun (Day 266)…

November 21, 2007

chopstick hair

My hair isn’t quite long enough to do this anymore, but I used to be able to: as the girl in the above photo demonstrates with a Hello Kitty chopstick, you basically twist the hair up into a regular bun and hold in place with any stick-like object — a chopstick, a pen, a straw or a twig.

Providing you use a found object instead of buying something new, it’s a very eco-friendly way of keeping stray hair out of the way. It means no butterfly or alligator clips, barrettes, elastic bands, bobby pins, headbands, snap clips, or god forbid, the dreaded scrunchy (which almost made a comeback a couple years ago — scary!).

All these things are made of plastic or metal and come packaged in even more plastic, paper, glue and so on. So as of today, I’m not buying any more hair-related doodads, and if I’m in desperate need of an elastic, I’ll just use the rubber band that comes on my newspaper every morning.

Photo courtesy of Kristen Rudd on Flickr