Pff, air — that is so overrated (Day 352)…

February 15, 2008

hepa filter

I love Apartment Therapy, mostly because they love me. No, just kidding, I actually love them because they’re like this friend who’s earthy and stylish without being annoying and using stupid terms like “eco-chic” all time.

Anyway, their Re-Nest team recently posted about air purifiers, and it’s a subject I’m pretty torn about. On one hand, as an allergy sufferer, I understand the desire for clean air and nostrils that don’t itch all the time; but on the other hand, it just seems like yet another big plastic thing that sucks up electricity and claims to clean something you can’t actually see.

As well, I’ve noticed that while doing this green challenge, my allergies have improved significantly. I’m not sure if it’s the houseplants I bought, the beeswax candles I’m using, the various all-natural, fragrance-free products or what — but it’s become very clear to me that there are ways to purify indoor air that are preventative rather than… er… reactionary? Is that the right word? My brain’s asleep today.

Anyway, if I were to wager a guess, I’d say it’s the fragrances moreso than the dust or dander or whatever that gets to me most because my nose starts going crazy now whenever I use someone else’s lavender-scented soap (and I mean fake purple lavender, not the essential oil) or “Spring breeze” scented laundry detergent or whatever.

So while I’m tempted to plug my humidifier back in and invest in a big HEPA-filtered air purifier, I’ll be going the more environmentally friendly route instead and simply making my indoor air clean by opening a window every now and then and opting for products that are fragrance-free or hypoallergenic whenever possible.

Image from AT

Visine, but green (Day 211)…

September 27, 2007


It was a sight for sore eyes, literally — a friend of mine, who’s visiting Toronto and staying at my place, is allergic to cats and his eyes have been itching like crazy; then there’s me, who despite having done a round of Pollinex shots back in May have succumbed yet again to ragweed season. The two of us have been wandering around the apartment in a blur, rubbing our eyes out constantly, so this morning I went rummaging around under my sink for some retinal relief.

I found a bottle of Visine from last summer, which I’d stopped using because it always made my eyes burn, but I thought maybe my friend might get better results.

Nope — it stung like crazy for him too, and he had to rinse his eyes out afterwards with water.

I’ve been tempted to get some of those fake tears, which are closer to a gentle saline solution, but that just means more plastic and packaging (not to mention they can cost up to $15, and to be honest I’d rather slap myself across the face to get real tears for free).

So my change today is to abandon synthetic eye drops in favour of a natural solution — I’m just not quite sure what that solution is yet, other than opening my eyes in a bowlful of water. I was thinking about emptying the Visine bottle and putting some water in it with a pinch of salt, but I’m not sure if a pinch is perhaps too much… or too little. Any ideas?