Blanketing myself in sustainability (Day 327)…

January 21, 2008


Just because I’m an adult, doesn’t mean I can’t have a blankie — especially when it’s a billion below zero and I’m freezing my buns off with a fixed thermostat, no pajamas and no heating pad (or boy) to keep me warm.

Although the greenest move in this situation would be to go on the hunt for an old quilt at a thrift store or ask friends if they’ve got an extra Bay blanket lying around their cottage, my mother recently took the initiative and got me a nice new bamboo throw. Don’t be too hard on her — she’s managed to furnish my house entirely with used furniture!

It’s from House and Home‘s new eco collection (which isn’t online, for some reason, but can be found in local department stores) and is dark chocolate brown, which already makes me feel warm; it’s super soft, too. I can use it as an extra layer while reading or watching a movie on the couch, or toss it over my duvet on super-crazy-cold nights.

But if it gets to the point where I need two blankies, I’m definitely going all the way and making a quilt out of old sweaters, extra bed linens or some of my used handkerchiefs. Actually wait, that’s just gross.

Quilt image from way the quilt over here

Dishing out the suds (Day 310)…

January 4, 2008


OK, sorry, this might just be the crappiest image I’ve ever uploaded to Green as a Thistle, but I couldn’t find this product anywhere online and my camera battery died so I couldn’t take my own picture. Just wanted to get that apology out right off the bat because I like me some good aesthetics.

So here’s the deal — some of you readers with an elephant’s memory might look at this post and say, “WTF?! A soap dish? Didn’t that cheating wannabe environmentalist already write about a soap dish?” Well, actually, it was more like a soap holder, if you must know. That was when I was travelling a lot and had to get something to hold my bar of soap, so I bought a Radius recycled plastic carrying case.

However, two things have happened since then: 1) I lost it (sorry); and 2) I still need something to put my soap in for the bathroom, and would rather not have a container that needs opening and closing each time. So instead, I’ve got myself this cute little soap dishnot holder — that’s made from reclaimed chopsticks (actually, I got two, and gave one to my friend Jacob, who is very good about washing his hands before meals).

The coolest thing is, it’s collapsible, so if you want to take it with you on vacation, it folds up nice and neat in a snap. In fact, it could even be used as a makeshift comb, or an emergency falafel holder. Endless possibilities!

The environment can’t afford to be picky (Day 250)…

November 5, 2007


The other night, at a party, my friend and I were loitering around the food table because we didn’t feel like dancing. After stuffing various victuals in our mouths, she went to grab a toothpick and offered me one. I grinned and asked if I had any stuff in my teeth — she said no — so I declined.

This is, I’m realizing, precisely what any eco-minded person would do. It’s become a natural reaction for me now; unless I really, truly need to use something, I just don’t.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to use this as my green change for today! Yup, no toothpicks it is. I have my vegan-waxed floss if I really need to dig something out of my chompers, as well as some natural mouthwash, and if I’m desperate there’s always my fingernails.

There are some environmentally friendly toothpick options out there: Preserve has a line of them made from sustainably harvested birch, and you can get bamboo ones, too. However, it’s always better to reduce, so that’s what I’ll be doing (but please do tell me if I’ve got broccoli in between my teeth).

Photo of multicoloured toothpicks from this photog on Flickr