A pox on your boxes! (Day 315)…

January 9, 2008

boring box

So, maybe it’s just me and my ridiculous sense of humour, but for whatever reason I find this store in Toronto called The Box Spot completely hysterical. I can’t help but laugh every time I walk by it. Part of it is the name — I mean, come on, The Box Spot? — but another part of it is the fact that there is an entire store devoted to boxes (two stores, in fact!). It reminds me of that episode of The Simpsons, too, when Bart’s class goes on the painfully underwhelming field trip to a box factory.

I also wonder if the box manufacturers ship their boxes inside other boxes, and whether The Box Spot might then reuse those shipping boxes as part of its merchandise? Anyway, as some of you might recall, I wrote in December (sometime around Boxing Day) about not buying any new storage containers, including but not exclusive to boxes. However, now I’m preparing to move from my condo into a house, and I think shipping and/or moving boxes count as a whole other category.

So today’s change, then, will be to only use leftover boxes from the liquor store or from friends and family who have just moved and still have some lying around (like my super assistant Eva). I’m also not going to be using any tape during the move, nor will I be purchasing special padding or bubble wrap. All supplies will be used and reusable.

Now unless I can think of some other excuse to say the word “box” again, without referencing the infamous Saturday Night Live skit (oops, too late), I think I’ll leave it at that.

Boring photo of a boring box courtesy of this website