A ridiculous story about a mattress (Day 333)…

January 27, 2008


The packing insanity, as you can see from the above photo of my so-called living room, has officially begun. In my quest to make this move as green as possible, I’ve been buying all my furniture used or antique. But recently, I decided to take another leap in this direction:

As I plan on renting out the basement of this house furnished, I need another mattress. Although most people balk at the thought of a used one, a looksee on Craigslist turned up lots of mattresses that had only been used a few times for guests and were purchased as recently as a month ago. Plus, while sleeping on something previously slept on may sound creepy, what’s also creepy is the off-gas that usually accompanies a new mattress. Yes, there are eco-friendly options, but I happen to be broke.

Anyway, I found something I liked on Craiglist and after a few phone calls had agreed to buy a mattress, boxspring and frame for $400. It couldn’t be delivered, so it wasn’t long before I found myself at a U-Haul office in the west end, booking a cargo van with a man named Fred. Making conversation, he asked what I needed the truck for, so I explained the situation and grumbled about having to go all the way to Richmond Hill.

Then he said, “You know, I actually have a queen-sized mattress and boxspring out back that I’m trying to sell — did you want to look at it?” Next thing I know, I’m lying on this mattress in a dark storage room with Fred, thinking it was not the most comfortable thing in the world but would save me having to U-Haul my ass out to the ‘burbs. Then I see he’s got this wicked 50s-era love seat (that’s it, in the pic above), so I ask him if that’s also for sale. He then tells me he’ll give me the mattress, boxspring, frame, love seat AND the whole truck rental for $120.

Best deal ever! Unless of course it has bed bugs or something, but I did as careful an inspection as I could and will be airing it out as much as possible.