Cow burps and Kevin Kostner

February 17, 2009

So first off, I’m totally intrigued by this story in The Guardian about how Cadbury is working with their dairy farmers on a way to reduce the number of times their cows burp each day. Contrary to popular belief, the methane that cows emit — which wreaks havoc on the air and environment — comes more from the animals’ burps than farts (cue “The More You Know” shooting star motif).

Two things I am wondering: 1) Is Cadbury one of the better chocolate companies out there, or are they evil? I don’t think they use any fair-trade cocoa or anything, but I also don’t think they’re as bad as Nestle, and they have great factory tours during Doors Open in Toronto. So yeah, someone care to refresh my memory? And also 2) Does anyone know if such a carefully crafted, anti-flatogenic diet could be applied to humans? Because sometimes it’s good to avoid farting, and surely there must be greater advice out there than “Don’t eat beans.”


Now, for a total non sequitur: Slate has this intriguing/disturbing story on how Kevin Costner’s legendary blockbuster bomb Waterworld might have been ahead of its time. Although it was utterly panned when it came out in 1995, there was a lot of global warming foreshadowing there, so perhaps it’s worth renting now and viewing under a different light. Then again, it could still suck. A lot. But what do you think? Should I take the plunge and rent it tonight? Or is there another enviro-film that deserves more attention? What’s the next Inconvenient Truth?

(Watch the original Waterworld trailer here)