Resleeved, and less peeved (Day 318)…

January 12, 2008

resleeveI’ve been burning CDs recently and thought I might try to find a way to green this process. The most obvious thing that came to mind was doing what my friend Matt does: Uploading playlists to an ftp site and letting people download the mp3 files right onto their iTunes, with no disc, packaging or shipping required.

But unfortunately I don’t really know how to do that — and sometimes, in this digital age, I like to stick to the tangible realm.

With my no plastic pledge, however, jewel cases definitely aren’t an option (plus they tend to crack and break, and are kind of ugly).

So after much searching, I finally found the Sustainable Group, where they sell 100% recycled CD cases called Resleeves (I tried to find them at local eco stores but came up empty-handed, unfortunately). They’re about 50-50 post-consumer recycled fibers and post-industrial recycled fibers, with a round die-cut hole in the middle (open, no plastic screen).

And they’re unbleached, with a big recycled logo at the bottom so everyone knows I’ve made a conscious green decision. That, my friends, is your Simple Saturday change. I’ve got nothing else up my (re)sleeve.

Image courtesy of Sustainable Group

USB for me (Day 259)…

November 14, 2007

USB stick

Going along with the computer theme of late, it recently dawned on me that I have a bazillion photos, a kazillion songs and, well, a few essential pieces of writing on my trusty (but maybe not so trusty!) little laptop — and if it crashes, I’m screwed. After hearing some horror stories about coworkers losing entires novels on their computer, DJs losing all their music and so on, I’ve decided it’s time to back my stuff up.

But using CDs to do this can be a major hassle, plus it not only requires multiple discs but the packaging that comes with them. So instead, I’m going to buy a USB memory stick (which I’ll of course e-recycle when the time comes); they’re not only more compact but faster and more durable.

Now I can relax and go back to these here emails about penis enlargement and the lottery I’ve just won.

Image courtesy of this site