Chalk one up for the environment (Day 206)…

September 22, 2007


This past week, I’ve been attending daily writer’s workshops where, for the most part, people seem to be fairly green-conscious, printing their short stories on both sides of the page and using glasses and mugs rather than disposable cups. But one major vice that’s just killing me is the flip chart. We use it to draw plot graphs or character sketches, but most likely, when one page is full, the person flips it over and starts to scribble on the next instead of turning the whole stand around and using the back.

Although our moderator has said he’d prefer a whiteboard, I think even these aren’t much of an alternative, what with the toxic fumes that come out from those dry erase markers. No, the best idea when it comes to illustrating an idea for a group of people is either using your vocabulary and a bit of imagination, or writing it out on a chalkboard.

So from today on, whenever I’m at a workshop, a lecture or meeting, I’m going to make a point of requesting that we illustrate our points the same way teachers do in the classroom — use a chalkboard. Or, if none is available, rely on a lot of sweeping hand gestures.

Photo courtesy of Private Ale on Flickr